Blouse show 39/2015

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Blouse show 39/2015: construction

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Did you get up so early to see the fire moon? The result I found rather sobering, but good, so often you do not get to see that. Therefore, my phone 4:20 clock trilled funny music and I went outside. I then tried convincingly to take beautiful pictures and came to the decision that I need a new camera. Can not be that my phone makes better pictures. The word "better" should be redefined here. At least one recognizes a reddish partial lunar eclipse. That was worth it. ? A little later I was back in bed and tried to sleep a little more. Unfortunately, only halfway worked.

But now for home improvement. Yes, I have noticed and many like the result. However, I am only partially a fan of such wood furniture. Although I like the flambé surface and thus strong grain, in our house it does not fit and will find no place there.

Blouse show 39/2015: blouse

Blouse show 39/2015: construction

Blouse show 39/2015: construction

Blouse show 39/2015: 2015

Blouse show DIY, crafts and woodwork

Construction of a Tyrolean chest

I have no idea what a Tyrolean chest is and that 's why I am going to do this post and the project of Wood & glue observe. After all, you also want to learn something. Let's see how it goes on and what makes a chest of a Tyrolean chest.


Instructive odyssey of drawers

As already said, you want to learn something. And that is exactly what it is On the wrong track straight at the drawer construction. Whereby I would first have to learn to even be faced with the problem of such drawers. There are worlds in between. In any case I would be charmed and since I am now owner of a band saw, I could even try myself.


Side table oak

Some may think side table = simple plate on four legs. Not like that Dominik's wood blog, Here, even with a side table, attention is paid to every detail and the frame is professionally connected. Small Augenleckerlis must not be eliminated.


Substructure for kitchen counter

Bring time if you are interested in such a construction. Woodcraft describes his construction in great detail and I like the use of metal-construction components over and over again. Probably such things are used too little and many construction problems could be solved so much easier. You just have to know them.


Build a dragon

Autumn is (unfortunately) there and it is Dragon time. Yes, my mother-in-law is also moody. Nevertheless, children have fun with kites, of course. As you build one, you experience Friedel's wood blog in a very detailed construction manual. A little bit bigger you could also be sure... Oh, let's leave that, she could read along. ?


Smart projects with a single-board computer

No blog post in the usual manner, but I have to introduce you to the page. Forget about me, many continue to tinker with these little multi-talented and create extraordinary projects. You can find a whole collection of them Smart world, Click through and be amazed.


Construction of a double miter fence

What's this? I also asked myself and me the article from Holzbohrer looked closer. Even if it is not shown directly, I assume that one cut is made above and one below the double miter fence, resulting in a precise right angle when folding both parts together.


With this I send you to a successful working week and I have to think straight about whether I'll build such a double stroke or a big dragon. Sometimes you have to set priorities.

Greeting Ricc

Video Board: Crime Patrol Dial 100 - क्राइम पेट्रोल - Aabroo - Episode 39 - 8th December, 2015