Blouse show 41/2015

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Blouse show 41/2015: blouse

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After the blouse show last week fell short of my report on the Maker Faire Berlin for the "victim", I would like to go back today on the journey through the blogger world.

But before that, a short review of my weekend, when I was not completely idle. Although my extended workbench does not yet have a new worktop, I have now missed the old cabinets with new adjustable feet (unfortunately not enough) and disguised the transition between the two rooms. Although it lacks some color, but looks quite different:

Blouse show 41/2015: week

you can see the ugly transition between the walls

Blouse show 41/2015: week

it will….

Blouse show 41/2015: blouse

it is... (color is still missing)

During the week, the reordered feet should arrive and when the white wall has gotten its new color, I can (finally) rebuild the workbench.

Blouse show DIY, crafts and woodwork

iPhone case made of wood

I do not remember if I had already shared Case 1, but I think it's just awesome and therefore today Case 2. Thinking about packing his smartphone in a wooden case, certainly have some, only very few have probably implemented it. At the Holzwerkstatt Blog In addition, I am still fascinated by the implementation and how disciplined here is based on good craftsmanship and every step is documented for us. A parade blogger.


Level meter for wells

I know we already know this project. I quote for explanation Wood and metal just times "The original plan simply provided a mechanical level meter, where a bar with float moves up and down with the water level to read the amount of water. As an electrician, I would never have even come up with the idea to solve this electrically, because I had to be inspired by a woodworker. "


Turn a shed over

Can I say that someone has a bang? Well, I do not do it. But that's not normal for normal, though Then we want to At the idea of ​​a whole garden hut comes to turn. I miss a little the words. And, even if one does not think it possible, it has succeeded. Do you have to look at yourself.


French cleat for wood animals

As I have said many times, I like the french cleat system and why should I only use it in the workshop? Woodcraft Put it in the nursery and attach it to wall decorations. Again, the advantage is that the suspended animals can be replaced and are always securely attached.


Building instructions kitchen shelf

There is nothing better than if project wishes can be combined with the desire of new machines. What should one do? If a woman wants a kitchen shelf, she should get it. If I need a new table saw for it, it has to stop. The main thing is the woman is happy. ? No matter how, the project is up Ernst's home improvement blog described in the video and pay attention to the shown variant a board on certain board thickness (from minute 2:00). I like it.


Embroidered stool with bird motif

Embroidery is something for women. Well, at least when it comes to fabrics. What does it look like when wood is embroidered? Is that still female stuff? At least it has become Dekotopia as a woman deals with this topic and immediately offers a ready template to. If that's too feminine, you can thread cables through the holes instead of wool.


Tinker lantern from Tetrapack

I think such projects just awesome. A Tetrapackung, snap / snap, a little color and finished.... What ever. With a little effort something completely new, which costs nothing. On the contrary, it creates the opportunity to tinker with the children something in common. Kiddifix provides a first-class guide for this.


This was my weekly insight into the blogger scene and I hope there was something interesting for you as well. If I can do it, I can present you this week my finished workshop remodeling. That would certainly be glad for me.

Greeting Ricc

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