Blouse show 43/2015

Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Blouse show 43/2015: show

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First, I must apologize. Right at short notice, I made a short break last week and pushed myself here unannounced. As a result, the last Blogrundschau unfortunately failed. I'm sorry, but the days off were still nice and I enjoyed them. Of course I worked on the side and I was able to check off old planned projects.

The first one was important to my wife and she finally has a lamp over the dining table. In principle not a big deal, bad only if there was never a lamp planned, there is therefore no power connection and a cable channel is not desired. Fortunately there is exactly one wall in the bedroom, where there is also electricity. So I could drill through the ceiling and install a radio receiver on the power supply.

Another small project was the repair of the roof of my workshop. Although there are already corrugated plastic sheets on roofing felt, these had already suffered after a few hail attacks and were no longer tight. Until next year I make the roof completely new, first the holes in the corrugated sheets were repaired.

As a third bigger, I was finally able to finish my workbench extension. In addition, the old cabinets got new feet and I was able to align everything and give. The obsolete cabinets are disassembled, disposed of and my workshop has its usual place again. Free-standing equipment, such as a table-top machine, band saw or scroll saw (cover picture) now has enough space and I do not have to constantly move it back and forth. Incidentally, my little bench has found its place. Pictures and descriptions are available in an extra post.

Oh, almost forgot - On Friday I made the property winterfit. Mowed one last time, scarred, the edges cut and the embankment in front of the house freed from the leaves. Well, the latter was certainly not the last time. I'm curious how my new leaf sucker beats.

So, after a glimpse of my vacation, it continues with the blog posts and my Blogrundschau. After my short break, I will not pay much attention to whether the post was written exactly in the last week or not.

Blouse show DIY, crafts and woodwork

Christmas in the shoebox

I would like to start with a special action that requires little effort but great pleasure. This fundraiser will pack small gifts in a shoebox and drop them off at a designated collection point. Sorted by gender and age volunteer staff will take care of shipping to children in need. A great thing that makes many children's eyes sparkle.


Construction of a Tyrolean chest - Part 3

It goes on and the chest of Wood & glue takes on more forms. I do not know yet, what makes a chest to the Tyrolean chest, but the structure is interesting nevertheless. Interesting is such a construction but also from the perspective of a non-wood professionals. Because every processing is explained and even small problems are solved.


Wall cabinet made of pear

Almost finished and just awesome. I would also like to try it and On the way on the way shows exactly how it is done. A rounded cabinet with a round drawer. As the owner of a band saw I have to implement a similar project in any case.


The 3-child sleeping garage

Mass processing in the sleep assignment ? It is sometimes not easy when three children have to be accommodated to save space. The Hoizbastla shows how it works and how a loft bed for children arises. Especially interesting are the door handles, which are turned out of several crayons. You should definitely take a closer look.


Special order for Halloween

Now we come a little closer to the current time. "Wolverine claws" - that's cool. Of the production you do not see much Emil's wood blogbut this is more about the idea and the surprisingly easy implementation. When properly painted, they look almost real.


Indians Birthday

Darkly I remember another blog post, which was also about the equipment of an Indian birthday. Elf19 now shows its implementation. The images shown give great inspiration and I especially like the biscuits with braided hair.


Picture Frames lamp

And again, I am thrilled by a brilliant idea. Pictures and light are a great combination, so why not build a picture lantern right away? The four windows of a lantern provide the ideal base to illuminate images from behind. Only shows how such a lamp can be easily built from old picture frames.


Table lamp in industrial look

Instead of copper tube, there is now galvanized steel tube and I have to say that I am not averse to the idea. The advantage over copper pipe is the even free availability. As the final result with zinc spray quickly regains its original appearance, old and rusty pipes can be used free of charge. If Goodiys here sets a new trend?


With that I want to finish my blouse show and have a request to you:

In the near future I would like to introduce again Christmas projects of different directions. I would therefore be glad if you show me your or found projects. Just send me an e-mail to Ricc [ät] and I will gladly install it. If you have a picture of your own projects, I will show them too.

Greeting Ricc

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