Blouse Show 47/2015

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Blouse Show 47/2015: 2015

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Unfortunately I have to write again that there are no big projects. I spent some time with my neighbor, who is currently building an old tractor. He is running and has already got new color, the dashboard is still without function. As a first step, I tested and measured the ignition, ignition and starter relays to get an overview of their functions and later interaction. At least they still seem to work. Interestingly I found the division between ignition lock and glow / ignition switch. So you do not start the starter with the ignition. Since only the ignition key is introduced. This gives the ignition switch power and it can be preheated in a switch position. In parallel, a small glow wire is installed in the dashboard directly above the ignition switch. If there is heat out, enough is preheated and the switch can be turned over. Then again gets the glow wire and in addition the starter via a relay power. So at least I have interpreted the operation of the existing items with cut cables. If you have a bit more knowledge, you are welcome to help me and to enlighten me better. So far I have not had much to do with the vehicle electrics. There, later, to connect lamps via the ignition, on the other hand presents me no big problem.

Second, I have improved our "Mufffach". It contains our sweet tooth, chips, biscuits.... and who has children, knows that they do not take it so carefully with the bags. Since the chips are torn open and then not closed with a clip or the like. If they can then move freely in the compartment, it quickly becomes clear on the shelf how much fat or oil they contain and can release again. Accordingly, the floor looked in the drawer. In addition, somebody has relied in the search for edibles on the pullout compartment, which the cheap rails have not tolerated. So my job was to replace the rails with new ones and change the floor from the drawer. Not a big deal, which leaves no material for a contribution.

But I was allowed to enjoy myself with a new test device, which of course I can not say anything yet. Then there was something new, what the patent application is currently running. A prototype is in my workshop and will be tested as well. Nothing big, but somehow interesting. I will report about it. But later and now for the first time to the Blouseschau.

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Project Preview: Wireless Multiroom Music System

A great headline and actually "just" an announcement. There Dracary's DIY So far, however, has implemented all announcements, I would like to refer to it now. The article describes what is implemented and needed. I think that's going to be a great thing and maybe some will follow. I have everything there and that could actually irritate me. Maybe I let myself be inspired and build in parallel.


Candlestick ellipse

I start my day with a panorama on Facebook, Google + and whatever else is there. One would like to know what happens everywhere. I noticed a candlestick shared by Festool that won my admiration. Now in my review, he appears again. Inventor, photo shop planner and builder Micah Wood Blog, I do not even know if I've ever built a pure piece of wood decoration, but this candlestick could absolutely entice me to it. Looks great and is perfectly described.


Floating Corner Shelves

My foreign language skills are limited to failing school knowledge and so I am mainly on blogs in my native language around. But there is one - Shanty 2 Chic - I always like to visit. In the last post, a mighty thick shelf was created and I found that the way of working is not very different. Only who would have stapled the thin wood with us? I prefer to screw it?


Build screw cabinet

A small cabinet for screws and I already see two things that I miss. A flat dowel bur and a hole row template. Yes, even though OSB is one of the cheap "timbers", it does not have to mean that this is a mess. at Patrick woodworkers The small cabinets are expertly designed. A matching video is also available.


The band saw lathe lamp made of pine wood

That's right, I did not have a Drechselbeitrag for a long time. But now comes the Hoizbastla beaming out. I like playing with light and when it shimmers through thin wood... The picture alone would be a purchase for a Drecheslbank. Only this one result. Who wants bowls if he can do something impressive? Yes, I am jealous. So what.


Nursery - Who has more fun? Mother or child?

You forgot dad. But well, this nursery has the Tintenelfe shape and I'm really excited. For me, a room must be practicable, but for children it may be a bit more colorful and playful. If it still has a style and even a house with a garden.... Oh, who does not want to be a kid again?


Christmas from the canning

Hm... Somehow I do not know how I got the project from Workshop Officina should describe. Scrapy, Mükk use, upcycling? I dont know. And yet it's cool again. Only with "The four candlesticks we put on the windowsill - tomorrow at breakfast the first candle is lit!" I am a little nervous. Did I miss something? Yes I have! The post is a bit older. But awesome!

I wish you a nice first Advent and leave me in the evening.

Your Ricc

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