Blouse show 52/2014

Blouse show 52/2014: 2014

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So dear readers of the Blouseschau...

In the title is a 52 and if I have not counted, it should be the last week of 2014. Christmas is done, the stomach is a little rounder and the New Year's Eve party is in preparation. By the way, this year for the first time I got a little tinkling from my daughter for Christmas. The candles are a bit offset, but what counts is the will and the commitment.

Blog Rundschau

Plaster cellar wall

Anyone who is active in our forum, has already been allowed the entire renovation work of DIY Work Blog pursue in interesting discussions. In his last post, he now gives a little insight into what lies behind such work. For more interesting details, click through the last posts.


Sweden fire

I also like to stay out into the night and what could be better than a small fire. We use a fire basket, but also a fire in Sweden is great. Wood and metal explains the construction and has documented this great.


Crescent knife

I did not know what that was and what it was needed for, but it does not really matter to me in this case either. I find the possibility to rebuild old tools effectively and the explanations of wood projects to build the tool handle.


Guitar building 3 - the floor

I would never think of building a guitar. Apart from my inability, I'm also absolutely unmusical. I am fascinated by the work of wood Passion but this saw, completely unknown to me, with which boards can be shared again. Awesome and worth a look. But I will also follow the guitar construction.


Thanks for 2014

Generally, I must or may find that blogger life is a bit calmer the days. Should be so, after all, the celebrations are in the sign of the family and every now and then Blogger spouse need a little more of their treasure. Many blogs are therefore currently dealing with Christmas wishes, thanks and best regards. I would like to join them and throw a small look to the back, as well as forward.

About eight months ago I started writing for my own blog as well as for and I still enjoy it. Meanwhile, the number of readers has multiplied, which motivates me scary and for which I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Especially the Blogrundschau has become an interesting part, which gives me on the one hand a deep insight into other blogs and on the other was the basis for nice acquaintances. Therefore, I will continue the Blogrundschau 2015 and hope that my field of vision for a little extended. Although I always find new interesting blogs, but this is certainly not all that the blogger world has to offer. You are welcome to help me and to point out good blogger friends.

Currently, pretty much everything revolves around the blouse show, which should not stay that way. In the past, I presented my projects on and from next year I will let that flow in here and now. First of all, you can accompany me when I make my first attempts with the Raspberry Pi. I have put this under the Christmas tree and it seems to be an interesting thing. The basic equipment is quite cheap, but the applications are almost inexhaustible. My first attempt will probably be a media player in which I may also incorporate the operation home Ambilight. Although these are for me still Bohemian villages, but I hope for a lot of support and will describe everything in detail to allow a replica. Maybe there are a few colleagues who would like to venture with me to get started. You are welcome.

With this in mind, I would like to say goodbye for this year, thank you and wish you a happy new year. Celebrate beautiful but not too bad.

Your Ricc

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