Blouse show and a robot garage

Blouse show and a robot garage: garage

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Today I'll get back to my blog and a little insight into my more or less large projects.

Lately, I've done a lot of things already planned and unexpected. Important and firmly anchored for this year was our balcony, which has been tiled since the house was built (cough... a few years ago...). Not a big deal, but somehow it always went away. Well, now my wife is happy, does not need to take off any shoes to water her flower boxes and I can do a job.

Blouse show and a robot garage: robot

small solar panel

Unexpectedly, a small project for solar use has emerged. There we are in the hardware store to buy flowers (not my wish) and my wife discovers a bargain. Instead of 150 € there was a solar panel with accessories for 50 €. I am told that I invented the increase in thrift, but then I could not help it. Mine! Quickly ordered at the bay aluminum angle profiles and a weekend later, the panel on our balcony to sunbathe.

Blouse show and a robot garage: robot

LED strip with very small beam angle

The associated lamps pleased me only conditionally. A sort of hanging lamp, similar to a light bulb, was immediately sorted out and the light bar brought a lot of light, but concentrated it in a very small area. 72 LEDs - would be laughed if I could not replace them. I did not laugh early at half past three, but the LEDs are switched. However, the lamp has not been grown and tested yet... Correction - The lamp is attached and now reaches a larger cone of light, but could be a little wider. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it.

What strikes me when looking at the pictures, there was still a work. Right next to the patio door I have now also built a small fence for flowers (woman, not me) and repainted the entire fence. Squat down, stand up, squat down... that went powerfully in the legs - I'm just getting old.

Blouse show and a robot garage: robot

The garage is to be built behind this fence

Last weekend a bigger project was added, but it's not finished yet. Since I'm now the owner of a robotic lawnmower and I want to stay that way, he should get a garage. The plan was to use the roof next to the garage, under which the sheep would otherwise be under rain. There a box with a lockable lid and good. Then there are so small problems.... The lid already needs a slope as rain drain and then the window is so low. I was not really convinced of the safety of the sleeping place. So why not remove the window of the workshop and pull the side walls of the planned box up to under the roof? Then there is still the hole of the driveway, but the garage is then part of the workshop, which makes me feel somehow safer.

Said - done and after two weekends later, I can look at an externally finished garage and workshop extension. Shelves are already incorporated inside, but they still need light and the garage entrance should also receive signal lighting. This is automatically activated when the mower is outside the garage. The lout hides sometimes in some corners and because we have to drive to park over the lawn.... Not that he suddenly jumps out somewhere and attacks the cars.

Video of the mower's garage entrance: //

Blouse show and a robot garage: show

The skeleton stands

Blouse show and a robot garage: show

The shell is ready

Blouse show and a robot garage: garage

I've finished

But now for the blouse show. I was certainly not the only one who was diligent.

Blouse Show May 2016

Glass doors for a wall cabinet

Wood and glue tinkering on a wall cabinet and has now reached the doors. Concealed hinges.... I love and hate her. On the one hand a great invention and with damping a touch of luxury, but if several are installed, one must be careful that everything fits perfectly. That's how Wolfram was. But a home improvement can not only build, he repairs and corrects too.

Wall cabinet with glass doors - Part 3 Door frame

Kitchen assembly with obstacles

On the way on the way built a new kitchen for the daughter and set it up now. Not easy, with so little own and unexpected problems. In the end everything is great and the kitchen surface looks rustic with a very strong grain, but somehow also absolutely modern. I think really great.

A kitchen from VOLKEA

Build a Bokashi bucket yourself - What's this?

My thumbs can be described as a maximum of "grass green", everything else is rather not my thing. However, the word Bokashi made me curious and I wanted to know what it was in the post by Operation home goes. Of course I was enlightened. On the one hand on the sense and on the other hand, how to build a Bokashi bucket. Interesting thing.

Bokashi bucket build yourself - plant fertilizer

Disc sander in own construction

The construction of a disc sander probably arouses as much interest as a milling table. That's why I'm at it wood projects reread. Although a finished plate and spindle grinder combination is used, the table construction is still interesting and eventually... yes, someday I will build one.


The great home improvement dictionary

I like concentrated expertise, but if it's from our word-chaotic Then we want to comes, of course, has its own charm, which somehow can not escape. Please read in detail, smile and like to expand. ?


Base cabinet for the workshop

A home improvement generally has too little tool and too little space for too few tools. Of course it is the same cellar workerswho therefore wants to use every corner next to and under his machines. The result is a useful base unit with pull-out compartment. There is an interesting video of the construction. I always find it interesting to pay attention to the details of the work. For example, I like the glue bottle holder very well.

Build the base cabinet yourself

Picnic table with detailed instructions

Table-bank combinations are great to look at and are often considered a small challenge. Anyone who would like to take up this challenge will find it Woodcraft now a great guide to a construction accompanying and the other as a video. This should soon be on every meadow a great picnic table.

Build a picnic table - Detailed instructions with videos

So I say goodbye for today and wish you a great start and a successful work week.

Greeting Ricc

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