Blouse Show August 2016

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Blouse Show August 2016: blouse

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It's time again for a new blouse show. But as usual, first a little insight into my work. But now, when I think about what I've done, I can not think of anything to which I can really show pictures. Funny, because I actually had a lot to do.

But first there is my 3D printer, which still inspires me. In addition to a lot of gadgetry, which is mainly used for learning, but have actually made meaningful things. On the one hand there is our electric shower rod. The moves up and down with the shower and can thus be adapted to the height. Certainly "things that the world does not need", but put down three times, she landed in the hardware store in the shopping cart. The problem with the attachment, however, that it sits on the bottom of the tiles and the top directly on the wall. So I have to balance the tile thickness. So measure taken and printed in appropriate form a pad. At the top, she also got a bevel to take advantage of every millimeter up to the pitch of the roof

The second useful part is a suspension for the new router. This of course has other dimensions for attachment than the last, but I did not want to drill more holes. Therefore, a rail was created, which can be attached to the old holes and has left and right lugs that receive the mounting holes of the new router. A great idea, I think. ?

Blouse Show August 2016: blouse

New holder for the router

Blouse Show August 2016: wood

Shower rod distance retainer

I can think of even more important and even quite complicated print results. Two parts to the vertical guide of the printer were in the original also printed parts. However, that must be quite fast for the sale and so they did not meet my quality requirements. The measure between threaded spindle and rod guide was not exact. I copied these parts (title picture). I can tell you, there is time on it. At least when constructing parts with SketchUp. But this is the only way to learn to deal with it, and I can say that I am getting better and better.

What else did I do? Ah yes, another shoe cabinet was tinkered for the last space utilization in the utility room between heat pump and wall. But it is just a lumpy box with fan, which was without impressive techniques - so nothing to show - simply screwed.

Blouse Show August 2016: 2016

Formerly disguised walls are plastered

And then I started to rebuild my workshop. It originated as an extension of an old small workshop and a simple covered area (drying area). For this I have bolted roof battens to the beams, in between somewhat insulated and then clad on both sides. Since the cavity now provides space for animals, I want to avoid (where possible) these cavities. Partly the workshop is bricked and there I take off the cladding and clean the walls properly. I can save the cladding at least in these areas, which also gives me extra space - albeit only a few centimeters at a time. I started at the transition between the old workshop (massive) to the cultivation. Exactly there sits the meter cabinet, which should then immediately disappear into the wall. The open space is already present through the former door, which was simply disguised and then only needs to be widened a bit. So gradually I would like to eventually replace the entire stand construction with massive walls. But that will take some time. Currently I just want to work piece by piece, so that the workshop remains fully usable.

At first I can not think of more, although somehow always something to do. So let's talk about our blogger's posts last month.

Blouse Show August 2016

New wooden door sign

Dennis has made himself a bit scarce and there are more and more breaks Sandro's craft blog, Let's talk a serious word because I like his posts. It's a lot about wood, but most of the time it's life projects that can hit anyone, and many ideas can be taken from such a project. Like, out of this doorplate. I like the two-part version, which I have not seen before and I would not have come up with the idea to implement it that way. Is something different.

New wooden door sign

The barbecue mobile or how do I build an outdoor kitchen?

Micha, I'm coming. Yes, at some point we have to meet and then we have a barbecue. Although I'm a fan of the charcoal grill and would never exchange my really big stainless steel grill, but the grill of the Hoizbastla has something and I am absolutely thrilled. The idea of ​​including a radio could have been mine. ? My father-in-law has just renewed his complete shower and I immediately pulled the touch-screen to control the radio, ventilation and LED lighting. There is use for it.


Work up terrace table

Harvesting wood is probably not a big miracle, but sometimes involves a lot of work. Still, it may be worthwhile how Operation home proves. Old paint down, split wood grind, sand and a new surface treatment create a new table for the terrace. Afterwards, one is certainly glad about having spent time in the "old" as money in a new one.

Refurbish patio table - Old table in new splendor

Toy tractor with wooden trailer

Projects for children - is there anything better? Mostly they are quite easy to implement and yet ensure bright eyes. I just like it. This is impressively demonstrated wood projects on a tractor, where the little son of course was fully involved. Really sweet, I think the use of superglue instead of wood glue. The little boy was certainly excited and finally wanted to hold his finished toy in his hands.


Ketchup or Mayo - the wood glue

A strange combination of words, but makes sense if you look at the topic. It goes with it Wood & glue sometimes less for the wood, but more for the glue. Specifically, it is about larger containers of wood glue and their storage. I grab when buying at the hardware store yes even better to the larger bottles, since the cheaper, but at 5L bucket I had not thought. If you have a bigger need, you can save a lot, you just have to fill it and then you can take wood glue instead of ketchup or mayo.

Ketchup or mayo?

Tardis Birdhouse (Dr Who)

Who is Dr. Who? I must confess I do not know the British series. I am probably just too young for it and therefore can not do anything with this particular telephone booth. But that actually does not matter - the construction of Holzbohrer has just become great and the idea to make it a nest box even more classic (increase of class). Deceptively real with stickers as windows and even a small poster was not forgotten. The overall impression is even more classic.



With Emil's wood blog or the "Holzopa", as it may be known to some, we are ringing in autumn and autumn decoration. You know, I'm a deco muffle, but if the work is right, I'm very excited. Emil briefly introduces the template and its much more elaborate interpretation and I have to say that I would like a combination of both. With the small tree trailers, the children can certainly be involved in the painting. All in all, it's a pretty easy job to do, but considering the possibilities of use, it's still very interesting and above all a good idea.

autumn decoration, part 1

Eye-catcher "Book Planter DIY"

and another trip to the decoration corner. Sure, that's not something home improvement convinced for me, but the idea so awesome. I can barely get one. ? Who needs books, we make a hole and breed cacti. Really great the idea of Living & Green.


So I close my Blozenschau and I was there probably made a mistake. The contribution from the wood drill is from last year. I always look at all the current posts, why have I never seen this, is obviously the last post in his blog. Anyway, that is great in boost and therefore remains a part of this Blozenschau.

I wish you a good start into the new week.

Your Ricc

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