Blouse Show DIY DIY 10/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 10/2015: great

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

No one has to discuss the weather today, and I do not blame anyone for spending Sunday outside, instead of reading my review. But tomorrow, right? Of course, I have done a great job and beat myself in the great weather with fever and headache. But I will survive that too.

Of course, I would not forget to congratulate all women on Women's Day. With such great creatures, the sun must shine today. ?

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Easter egg to hang

Yesterday was Christmas and today we are going to the Easter decoration. Whereby me in the post of Leelah Loves Not so much about the Easter decoration. Although it is possible to build such great easter eggs, I think the idea of ​​processing wood veneer is generally great.


Pendant made of avocado core

I do not like gold and silver and I prefer subtle jewelry. If you can even talk about "jewelry like" in the man. In any case, almost always less and more subtle jewelry is much nicer. So too a little fashion, which processes and correctly stages an avocado kernel for this purpose. With the great instructions you have no problems tinkering your individual jewelry.


Stool beverage crates upcycling

Stools are practical and great. Also in our living room are two and are watching TV evening a great leg rest. Ours are bought, but of course that is different, what us Sapri design proves. A coke box, some foam, fabric and finished is the DIY stool.


Concrete 2.0

Finally concrete projects again. ? Even though they are exercises and will surely be followed by others at some point, they are all unique and above all self-made. My window to the world gives insights into their work and I really like the idea of ​​the mold.


Confetti Pinata

Children certainly love them and some parents will curse them. Anyway, the idea is awesome and mini drops introduces in a video the construction of these confetti pinatas. With quite simple means, absolute child fun is guaranteed.


Tangram murals of felt

Simple, simple, exact shapes, clear lines... I like that. Modage has the perfect idea and sews geometric shapes out of felt. Looks great and easy to imitate.


Saucer from bottle cap

Is that awesome. I had to smile when I saw that. Who comes up with such ideas and irons bottle caps? Thank you Dekoretti for the great instructions.


With that I would like to finish my blouse show (almost) and wish you a sunny sunday. Now I finally know where the name of Sunday comes from.

Almost forgotten…

Even if it is on my fairy dust Run over, hereby a big congratulation to the 2nd Birthday. Keep up the good work, I always like to visit you.


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