Blouse Show DIY DIY 12/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 12/2015: show

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Easter is approaching and apparently the weather is also playing along. Therefore, I will try today to find some interesting Easter crafting manuals. I do not want you to be bored. Anyone who wants to can send me their creations by picture and I introduce them here. For an Easter punch or eggnog I have nothing, only the idea is then a bit harder. ?

Blouse show DIY and crafts - Easter special

Easter baskets made of fabric, handkerchiefs and co

peppermint Green Get in the right place today and have some great instructions for building Easter baskets. My tip: with other motives, the idea can already be remembered for Christmas. You can never start early enough.


Easter decoration with flower bulbs and cactuses

My fairy dust is my heroine. She meets my taste with her "anti-classic Easter decoration". Finally, colorful eggs are enough for Easter. There are flower bulbs in eggshells something completely different. A really great idea.


Eggs in copper and with feathers

Also somewhat untypical are the egg variants at Bumblebee-Hill, A combination of copper spray and guinea fowl have created real eye-catchers. I also like the copper look in this variant. Note in this post the picture on the penultimate photo. Brilliant.


Interesting decorations for the Easter branch

Dekotopia get a thank you from me today. On the one hand, it shows interesting ways to decorate your Easter branch and explains it step by step. For another thing, she reminded me of something. For a long time, the transfer printing has been irritating, but it has only been squeezed at the laser printer. For a while my desk has been decorated with such a strange gray box... I have to bring out the book of Kreativfieber.


Make Easter bunnies

You probably already know this "Origami wall figures", which are offered by a shop. Although I do not see much Origami in them, they are a great decoration. Creative stage presents in this form an Easter Bunny and the blockbuster - the instructions are available as a free download. You should bring a lot of patience.


Easter Bunny Egg warmer made of felt

Now I had to smile. Not because of the egg warmer! But the face, which My own blog conjured up the egg warmer is just great. Apart from that, there is also a first-class guide to it.


Easter Pictures-coloring pages

So that the children do not come too short, you will find us a collection of coloring pages for Easter. With that the little ones can be occupied well, while the "Easter Bunny" hides his presents.

Fried eggs fairy lights

I'm leaving. Who comes up with such ideas? ? ErnestKa, made of empty Ü-eggs and felt a string of lights, which looks like there fried eggs hung on the wall. The laugh of the day, which is sure to be tried.


Finger-made Easter eggs

Gold I shows a very special kind of Easter decoration. Especially children should be happy about it. The eggs are "stamped" with the fingers and with a little color, cute Easter bunnies are created. Have lots of fun with it.


I would like to conclude today with a small (just experienced) episode.
When I write my blog and find interesting, I ask my girls, who is interested in a craft. So also today at the Easter bunny of Kreativbühne. My big daughter came running right away and said, looking at the instructions, "I'm giving up." And she was gone again. My wife was more interested: "Sure, what do you have?" She exclaimed from the living room. My explanation: "You know the origami wall figures..." I could not finish. A "No thanks." Interrupted me quickly. Yes, interest is there, only with the stamina it still hapert a little.

Greeting Ricc