Blouse show DIY crafts 13/2015

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Blouse show DIY crafts 13/2015: 2015

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"Who shot at the clock..." In all media you only hear this topic. As even the plane crash falls into oblivion. We probably just need topics that we can get excited about. I'm annoyed by the summer and winter time but also. Less that they exist - well, and then we turn the clock - as futility. It has been tested, it has not done anything, it causes problems for humans and animals, all timetables get mixed up, about 70% of citizens are against it.... Have I forgotten advantages or is there none? Why is not she just being abolished again? It is this meaninglessness that annoys me. Every year, the time change causes additional costs that nobody needs and wants. Abolition, on the other hand, would hardly incur costs and it would finally be over.

Enough bitching, now I want to see if there are more important topics for our bloggers.

Blouse show DIY crafts

Pan kitchen clock

But again on the topic, I have an old blog post out of me digged out. Thinking which title image I could take today, he remembered me and so I want to introduce him to you today. Even if it does not fit in the blouse show time. My pan clock on I and DIY.


Easter decoration for the garden

Simple but clear is the Easter decoration of my dear Frollein, A big white egg, a rabbit... does it take more to give a picture of Easter? Nevertheless, there is more work in this project. At least, if you have no experience with the image transfer.


Nail-thread Hase

"That's the house of..." Who did not draw the lines as a child or liked colorful wool around nails? I always thought that was great. Muckelfuchs finds that too and dices an easter bunny with nails and thread on the board. But Muckelfuchs, do not hunt the hare. ?


Easter Bunny Bag

It's not my intention and that should not be an Easter special. But what should I do if there are so many great Easter projects? daycare sews for it quite simply cut small Easter bunny bags and awakens in me an idea. Instead of hiding the small surprises blank at Easter, you could put all these into such little Easter bags and then distribute them in the garden. Especially the very young children should be more fun with the search and have it much easier.


Concrete-copper candlestick

Ui, I obviously missed something last week. Ash on my head. But I like the concrete works and I like copper. So I'm just cheating on this post in this week. Johanna Rundel combines the trend of concrete pouring with copper pipes and shows this in a first-class manual.


CD's, eggshells, napkin technique...

Yes, that sounds interesting and you should absolutely look at it. I confess, the decoration in the result does not quite meet my personal taste, but the idea and the approach of Kathleen Palnau fascinate me and are unique. You have to come up with ideas like that first.


Easter Wimpelkette

A cute idea, a great implementation and finally something for the little ones. Next to me rattles the printer and then my little one is allowed to tinker. Thank you Aentschie, for the great idea.


Since it was again very easter, I can not imagine why. ? I'm sorry, if you were not there today, it's just too many good posts. Maybe next week again.
I wish you all a nice Sunday and happy egg hunt.
Greeting Ricc

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