Blouse show DIY crafts 16/2015

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Blouse show DIY crafts 16/2015: great

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Unfortunately, today I have no picture for you. No, I'm not looking at this annual asparagus show. I just did not do anything great in the workshop this weekend. Although my new desk in the living room finally got its cable passage in the tabletop and the computer by the way got a new operating system, but that is really worth no picture. Actually, this weekend I was just hanging on computers. My father-in-law has reloaded his laptops (yes, man needs several) and of course he needs me for that. And while I was at it, I also made my wife's laptop fresh. This forced me to deal with Windows 8.1 and I have to admit it is not that bad. But now again to other finger skills and handicrafts.

My cover photo shows today our garden bench, after our work-up with new wood.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Pimp my summer sandals

I'm not sure how to act on this topic. It's about shoes - great. But certainly many women read this as well - hurray, it's about shoes! Leelah Loves made her fit for the summer and redecorated. I did not think that you can also paint shoes. Now they really look like summer sandals.


Tray-up upcycling

Yes, this tablet has been recycled twice and I have to say it should stay that way now - I like it very much. Nobody wanted the tray even with fresh paint from Karin but now on the wall as a place for memos, I think it's great. Super solved.


DIY dip dishcloth

I do not really care what our tea towels look like (the dishwasher does not clean the daughter), but the coloring idea of s'Bastelkistle I like it very much and make a great effect. Can certainly be used well for garments.


Easypeasy insect hotel

Insect hotels are the absolute trend and a small way to help nature. Especially if it's that easy, how Johanna Rundel impressively proves. From a plastic bottle and filling material in a few minutes a great insect hotel conjured up. Thumbs up for that.


Wall animals to print

After the elaborate origami animals, shows daycare a simple and child-friendly version that is easy to build. Especially for children, the ideal crafting fun and certainly our today's afternoon work. Very important note, all the forms you get as a free download.


Owls Bookshelf

Muckelfuchs decorates a mobile bookshelf for the nursery. The child-friendly design with the owls is the one and imagined part, my attention as a home improvement but is also on the shelf itself. I think the idea absolutely brilliant. Nothing falls out, the books do not have to be sorted and kept clean and the bookcase (or bookbox) can be rolled to the table or bed. It could be that this is followed by a replica of me.


Drawer against the wall

The idea is great. How often are cabinets disposed of and the individual parts can still be meaningfully used. My little apartment shows that clearly and even creates some order.


With that I want to say goodbye for today and wish you a great Sunday. Although it is a bit fresh, the sun invites you for an outdoor coffee.

Your Ricc

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