Blouse show DIY crafts 17/2015

Blouse show DIY crafts 17/2015: crafts

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Hello readers of the Blouseschau,

That was a great weather this week. Many are sure to be drawn back to the garden. Even if I am more of a muffle, I have the first care work behind me. After recently cutting my hedge, I was allowed to mow and scarify the lawn for the first time. Slowly my building desert grows and the bare area of ​​house building disappears. Almost six years have passed. Actually, I would have had to dig everything but with playing children and a crazy dog, that would probably have made little sense. As the saying goes: "Freshly mowed weeds are also green." But I could also follow the American trend: turfing. But now I prefer to come to my review, otherwise such thoughts will end in a funny way.

Blouse show DIY and crafts (and garden)

A new bed in the garden

Leelah Loves makes a start and shows that it's time to take a look at the garden again. With her was born (without string and perfectionism) another bed and a little I am yes on the lawn jealous.


Hurray, hurray! My book is here!

Currently, it seems that bloggers are packing their works into books. Is that perhaps the way to the good old "paper good". Maybe I should also. What do you all mean? But today I congratulate DIY I'll do it myself to her first book. I wish a lot of success and of course good sales. Somehow the effort has to be rewarded.


DIY Grapevine Lamp

Actually, I would have this post in my tomorrow's review "wood and technology" pack. But this is finally about a decorative contribution. Has to Dogdays of Summer a great "nature lamp" built from a vine. The contribution is indeed as a guest contribution on My fairy dust, but you should also get to know other blogs. It is definitely worth a look.


Mosaic world map from color charts

A long time ago, I already had a calendar (Or was it a timetable? I'm getting old.). Now grabs Gingered Things go one step further and build the world map from snippets of color charts. A great idea and an impressive effect.


Copper winding Mirror Star

An interesting title and an interesting project. Johanna Rundel Delighted by an extremely creative idea and creates very special accents. I find the circle cutter interesting in the presented aids. I did not know that shape yet.


DIY men pillow

Clear that I had to look at this post closer. Actually I have now expected something with beer and already wanted to complain because as a man I drink no beer. But no, it gets a lot cooler and I'm really excited. You have to join Creative Live look at.


Opening of the garden season 2015

With a post from Anke's garden world I would like to conclude today and open the garden season with her. From now on, I'll throw in my Blogrundschau again a look in the gardens of the bloggers. I raise my withered thumb and wish everyone a greener one. ?


Before I start on a drizzled Sunday, something to today's cover picture. Anyone who regularly reads my blog show, of course, knows what is shown there. Introduced last week by Kindertage and now my kids have skipped their creativity and make masks out of it.

a beautiful Sunday
Your Ricc

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