Blouse Show DIY DIY 19/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 19/2015: 2015

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A beautiful Mother's Day dear readers of Blogrundschau,

Of course, I do not want to forget today this day and send you hereby greetings from me. The weather plays along and you can really enjoy your day today. Yesterday, some of the mature kids with their youth consecration were certainly in the foreground and we were also invited to the relatives for a youth dedication. Hence my slightly thicker eyes today. Oh, you see, luckily not. ?

But let's see what I see here today in the blog posts.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Pin board made of hare wire

I do not have to think twice about the title to make it cool. Also an extensive guide from peppermint Green is not really necessary to put the idea around. But look at it, get the idea and go. The idea is great.


Lanterns with wood veneer

Here is the first surprise idea for Mother's Day. Candles, glasses, wood veneer and finished are designed cute lanterns. Leelah Loves shows you in a guide, how to do it.


Upcycling milk bag

I am a Schoki fan and with a good Milka I just get weak. For this I like these "bags of packaging" and would like to show you some copies again. From Karin uses the packaging of Milka chocolate and creates great little bags.


Pictures in the glass

And here's a last-minute Mother's Day present. This is from the sBastelkistle and with glasses and photos very easy to implement. I think lit up that comes out even better.


XXL flowers

Well, did not you get any more flowers? Then the crafting instructions of moss carpet Maybe your last chance to surprise your mothers with flowers. Here is how to make your XXL roses and use them decoratively step by step.


Indian party for kids birthday

If that's not great. The birthday boy wants a party in the Indian style and Mama makes more than just a costume party out of it. Everything fits in the smallest detail and you can join in Mini Drops get great suggestions. At the end of the article, there is even the right recipe and craft help. I hope, today there is a great Mother's Day as a thank you.


Upcycling idea from the construction site

A hole brick, test tubes and flowers - these are actually male flower arrangements. ? I think the idea of ErnestKa great and very creative. Would perhaps also a great Mitbringgeschenk for home builders.


Mother's Day gifts for men?

It's kind of weird to properly post and describe this post. On the one hand, there are bracelets, which are sure to fit better with mothers. On the other hand threaded nuts are incorporated, which may be better suited to men. What has happened Muckelfuchs only thought? The gift for male mothers? Anyway, I think it's great and could hire my daughter.


So I say goodbye to Sunday and wish you a great day as well. Since we were not in our own home yesterday, we still have to grill today.

Greeting Ricc

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