Blouse Show DIY DIY 2/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 2/2015: show

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Welcome to the first direct Blozenschau DIY DIY.

The new year is now almost forgotten in the second week and the turn of the year. Especially this weekend is more about wind and storm. Also with us blew more than a lukewarm breeze. Although our patio table has somersaulted, but otherwise everything remained without further damage. So let's get lost in the living room and tinker.... Would be nice. I have freed two walls of Flüssigrauhfaser and today is still new wallpaper turn. The first time that I work with non-woven wallpaper. Will be a new experience for me.

Blouse show DIY crafts

ball pocket

Things that the male world does not need. Women, however, see it differently. You must have them in black, in white, big, small, with long handles, with short ones, as a ball.... The handbag is and remains an inexplicable phenomenon. As long as, but as with Sassi, Leftovers are processed and it costs no sums of money, there is my blessing to it. And maybe a GPS. ?

Wall calendar from color charts

Now I'm a little flat. That's what I call an idea and a great implementation. The calendar of modage If you can describe it badly, just take a look at it and at the next hardware store visit you go to the color corner for color card looting. A great idea.

Key board with wooden balls

And then it goes to the next great DIY project, which Johanna Rundel even allowed to present live on TV. I think it's very creative and I like it on our wall. Finally order in the key mess.

Sew hicki bag - small instructions

What is a hicki bag? The question has made me curious and I have at Annie's DIY read something. Do you still know lazy people from school? The pencil case, in which you did not have to sort anything? That's about a hicki bag. No hard project and no big hassle, but the action (Link to Facebook) I like it behind.

Stamp fabric ribbons

I know that and presented it a while ago. Right and right DIY by Karin it is also included something own seen and was equally excited. New is however the Vario temple. I like the idea and you should take a closer look.

My most beautiful DIYs

I like blogs that present their contributions with a picture and a short text. This is clear and I see quickly what to expect. So too has Sousou design built up her annual review. There are interesting projects in it and with one click there are more details.

Felt vase (+ meditation)

Phew, that's a job. And yes, Leelah Loves"I'm in the front row and I was the one who moaned. This is certainly not work for me, but I find the game with the geometry very interesting. Hats off.

I wish you a nice Sunday. I will now go to my work and try to get the non-woven wallpaper on the wall. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe someone has a great DIY version for me, with which I can improve my keyboard. Two Mo_ate old u_d scho_ says goodbye to the label of the N-key. Is that actually under warranty?

Afterwards congratulations to Lena - has turned two years old. Congratulations.

Your Ricc

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