Blouse Show DIY DIY 22/2015

Good morning dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Blouse Show DIY DIY 22/2015: 2015

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Next week we will go to Maker Faire in Hannover. I'm a little excited already. The last time I was only one day and then hoarse from the many telling and explaining. This time I'm staying Saturday and Sunday and probably will not get a sound out on Monday. Then I have to work my keyboard very quietly at work. I'm looking forward to it anyway.

How does it look like, does anyone visit me in Hannover? I would be happy to meet someone in person. He can then look after my stand, so that I can look at everything else in peace. ? I would like to bring you pictures again and report on the Maker Faire. But now I'll talk about the other bloggers and want to see what they did in the last week.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Globe with homemade blackboard paint

That is interesting. Decorating fans are sure to enjoy the new globe, but I'm concerned with the blackboard color. These are many "great" colors to buy, but your own color is rarely there. Make it boho mixes their own therefore together and with a fairly simple recipe you can do that too.


Weatherproof herbal plug

"What is a herbal plug?" We are very stupid, and... just visit the blog from Karin, Her herbal studs are made of polymer clay and later give information about what was sown where. Also an interesting way. PS: Let the children help, they are happy.


Photo transfer on wood

I've been wanting for a long time, but somehow I have not found time for it yet. Creative fever Now explain in a new video how it works and it itches again in my fingers. But now I am sitting at my Blogrundschau and after lunch I am sure to get out to the workshop. But someday...


Water ice made by yourself

I have children and who has children needs ice cream. If you have children, you need a lot of ice cream in the summer! Thanks to the instructions of Annie's DIY, you can make this yourself. In addition to the saving effect, but also the breaks between the ice creams can be a little larger. Make the ice cream with the kids and then wait until your own wish ice is done.


Copper jewelry with Sonobe

Again the question: what is Sonobe? Google helps and it is a "cube folding technique". At least that's how I understood it. It is interesting in any case, because it can be designed a lot. Ludorn make jewelry out of it and color it in copper. Very decorative.


PS: Here I found a great guide for the Sonobe folding cube: //

Concrete pots

Concrete, concrete, concrete.... I think it's great and the decor raw material is apparently unstoppable. Ever more diverse are the molds and Hello MiMe grabs the tetra pack. I particularly like the very exact corners and edges of their motifs. The quality of the work seems to be getting better.


That should be it again for today. I am glad that I find new blogs again and again, which I can introduce to you with creative projects. Therefore, it is unfortunately also increasingly difficult to have an overview of all blogs. If you find something special or introduce yourself, then get in touch with me.

I wish you a nice rest Sunday
Your Ricc

PS: In my Blogrundschau wood and technology, tomorrow I'll show some pictures with Akkurenner, with which I drive to the Maker Faire.

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