Blouse Show DIY DIY 24/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 24/2015: 2015

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

I wish you a great Sunday. After my review last week in favor of the Maker Faire has failed, I'll be back today. You've probably read my report, right? Maker Faire Hannover 2015

This weekend I was able to take it easy and spend some time outside. The weather, of course, required a very important task: pool construction! I'm not that crazy, but my girls (wife and kids) need the survival part. Friday was therefore the construction and yesterday it was filled with cold well water. My children could not stop it, they had already offered and absolutely could not understand why they were only allowed to stay in the pool for a short time. Were we children like that? I'm happy today, when I can secretly in the pool on the air mattress crumble. This is relaxation - which, however, rarely lasts long.

But now out again from the cold and wet back to the blouse show.

Blouse show DIY crafts

A book of peppermint green

Sewing is not really my specialty, but I do not want to deny you that Pfefferminsgrün now also a book published. "Simpy the (fabric) rest" is called and shows creative from scraps. Meanwhile, some bloggers have already published a book and maybe I should do a little overview. Certainly an interesting topic. So dear blogger, if you have published a book, please contact me.


Outdoor kitchen from a workbench

Like, you do not have a summer kitchen yet? This has been the absolute trend for a few years and you just have to have one. I also have one and it is very useful if you have everything at the barbecue and do not have to run into the house all the time. Leelah Loves is now also following the trend and has rebuilt a workbench. Looks great and the "mixer" is the absolute hit.


Speckle picture with watercolor

It reminds children's memories. In a detailed guide describes my fairy dust how such pictures are created and I think it's great. As children we had a lot of fun with it. Try it - your kids will love it.


Rinse as printed

Do you know Freezer Paper? I did not know it. According to the description from Karin but it seems to be an interesting thing. You can cut stencils from them, iron them on and peel them off again. So you can conjure great effects on fabric with some color.


Herb bed of empty milk cartons

Of course, it will become another biological garden. ? But joking aside, the beverage packaging is really made for eternity and why not use it elsewhere? I think the idea is great and Garden Miss explain in detail how it is implemented.


Drill metal

As a trained Zerspaner I need of course no instructions. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting how the thing is tackled in the craft sector. Only explains it with a small example and I am enthusiastic about creativity. The drilling pad is the hammer or in this case the folding rule.


World map deco with decopatch paper

World maps have been used more often for decoration lately. That has too Creative Live found and implemented their own idea. Who does not want a world map anchor? I think it's cool and great. Even if no world map is used, the implementation of the "sculpture" is first class.


So, now I will enjoy the nice weather again and finish my little review. But it's not like I sat in a warm office for that. ? No, sitting in my airy workshop, the Venti and beautiful music is running and behind me I hear the kids splashing in the pool. So you can enjoy the time in front of the computer even in this weather.

Until tomorrow
Your Ricc

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