Blouse Show DIY DIY 25/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 25/2015: blouse

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

It's Sunday again and I'm sitting in front of my computer to snorkel a bit in the blogger world. Obviously I do not need to mention the weather today, but I hope that will improve. Since we were invited to have a barbecue yesterday, I would like to get out of the workshop today. But I really do not get on with my work. Thanks to the striking postal workers, I do not get my ordered material. Do you remember that I started repairing my Accuritor two weeks ago? The new taillights are not there yet. Meanwhile, I'm not just waiting for the LED lights, but for a set of neon pipes for the workshop, two speakers for a repair work and ribbon cable with post sockets for my new small project.

This project is planned as a small traffic light for my children. Every time they whiz over the property with their battery packs, you hear them "It's red...." And "Now it's green." So what could be more natural than building a traffic light. I found LED elements that look like traffic lights and are equipped with red and green SMD LEDs. I would like to control them by computer over a relay map. The relay card, and especially the software, can do even more.... ?

When my cables finally arrive, four such LED panels are closed to each other to create a larger illuminated area and to be able to create interesting pictures in the musical gimmick.

But finish with my games and continue with your contributions.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Variety labels for the potato field

Actually, I only know the french fries potato, the croquette potato, the buffer potato... But there should be many more varieties. Kathleen Palnau wanted to help their parents identify the cultivated varieties and made plywood signs on which the names of the potatoes were branded. That looks great with the many different fonts.


DIY letter opener holders and envelopes

Most of the mail we open now with a click, but some you really have to rip right. It almost always makes me a kitchen knife, Creative live has a bird as a letter opener, who has gotten a great place on an old piece of wood. In the second part of the article you will learn how to design your own envelopes and the template is available as a free download.


Puzzle game bull with nose ring and bow

Crafts with and for children is something great. at Fine from Wuppertal (we finally met at the Maker Faire) is quite normal and sense behind the craft work. In the new article, a puzzle game is being revised and now appears in a new design. The entire construction manual is easy to understand in a video.


Measuring cup upcycling

I am not so sure if I would like the new project from Only really like it. That is, the result as such I like, because I also like to redesign with color. But when I saw the origin of the measuring cup... It was cool. Nevertheless, of course, the project, the instructions and the really great result counts.


Mobile embroidered cork trailers

Mobile are always a great craft idea, because here many utensils can be processed to your own taste. Unlike many wind chimes, this is mobile from Hej Hanse very quiet with cork trailers and would certainly be good for sticky notes.


Mouse bacon with marble effect

Actually, my Blogrundschau contains no recipes, but these marshmallows have just done to me. The coloring is awesome and up Creative fever Learn how to do it in a short tutorial. I think that's an assignment to my wife.


The weather is not much better, but I am hereby finishing my review and will crumble into the workshop. Let's see what I still find in crafting. Presumably, I'll clean up first (how many times). This is always my first step to get the right desire for further work.

I wish you a nice Sunday
Your Ricc

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