Blouse Show DIY DIY 26/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 26/2015: 2015

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Good morning dear readers of the Blouseschau,

how is it with you? Were you diligent and built, crafted and crafted? Unfortunately, I can not really show anything. I did a lot of small things for that. First of all, the wardrobe lighting was finally connected in the utility room, what should I do if the neon tube says goodbye and I have no substitute for it. With neon tube, however, it occurs to me that finally one of my packages has arrived. Well, at least at the post office. Unfortunately, they are no longer brought. There is then a note in the mailbox that I may pick up my package at the post office. 10 km from one end to the other. In the package were my ordered tubes for the workshop. They all have a lot behind them and can now be completely replaced.

Saturday noon - shortly before the closure of the post office - I received two more parcel labels. A pickup was unfortunately not possible in time. But fine, back to the weekend work. Now that my workshop is light again, she has also got its own bell. When building a house, I immediately used a multiple bell, now finally laid the cable and installed the bell system in the workshop. Again a little less, what lies around. And while I was at it, I watched what could still be sorted and cleaned up. There is always more space. ?

Do I have to mention that we have grilled again? Oh, it's normal for the weekend. Now you are allowed to show what you have achieved.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

A raised bed for elementary school

That's what I call a great idea of Leelahloves, Many have noticed that raised beds are practical, and if they are built with and for children then it is twice as fun. Super action.


Monster-style jeans for kids

Sewing is not exactly my topic, but in the case of Gingered Things I just have to make an exception. The idea is as ingenious as it is simple and looks great. Take care, it might be snappy.


Resin picture with wood enclosure

For this I miss a little the words. On A little fashion you will be shown a guide how to make ingenious decorations. The wood enclosed in the resin simply looks like lace. I really have to try it.


Concrete plants

Yes, there are more and more decorations made of and with concrete. This from Dramaqueen at work I find it particularly successful. She makes small flat planters and the combination of concrete with small plantings, such as succulents or moss works great.


Concrete buttons in the garden

Yes, you are reading correctly - in the garden of Dekoretti lie concreted buttons around. I think that's awesome and absolute eye-catcher. The concrete buttons can be used as stepping stones, but would certainly be well suited as an umbrella stand through the holes.


Mini wall greening

Today, the featured blog posts are getting crazier. ? After buttons made of concrete, there are now planted murals. For this purpose, a box is filled with soil and covered with moss. Over it a wireframe and further plantings. If everything has stopped enough, it can be hung up. Looks great and does not guarantee everyone.


Since the sun is already shining, I do not want to detain you for so long today and hereby release you to Sunday. I will also make a coffee and sit outside. Eventually, a little bit of work will be done today.

I wish you a nice Sunday.

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