Blouse show DIY crafts 27/2015

Blouse show DIY crafts 27/2015: crafts

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Hello dear Bloch Schouleser,

Today I do not call early, but only for the afternoon. Although one prefers to do his work right away, but in the current weather it is appropriate to spend the still pleasant morning outside and in the afternoon, when the heat is almost unbearable, forgiven the cool house. Whereby cool may be exaggerated. 25° are already a bit more than sleep temperature. Therefore my motto today: "Who wants to move?"

Therefore, I sit quietly in front of my computer and will slowly go on the journey through the blogger world.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Marble cups

Marble is and will always be a great rock and colorful effects are also great. Creative fever show you in a video how you can marm and color cups. This is easier than thought. Just try it.


Candlestick made of copper tube

In addition to concrete, I like the trend to build copper pipes and the cosmonaut presents another project. After her great lamp, this time it's a candlestick. Again perfect and explained step by step. Training in the sanitary sector is therefore not necessary.


Paint cloth bags

Not quite my trend are cloth bags. But what certainly lies with the often drab unified beige of the bags. That obviously has too s'Bastelkistle thought and embellished this with lettering. If you like it, the perfect guide to your own implementation helps.


Geometric paper cups for folding

I am a child of the 80s and "Living in a box" is of course a concept to me. Hello Mime But it alludes to small practical boxes, which she has crafted for various small parts. With instructions and artwork, they are fast and easy for children's hands.


Print t-shirt in ethnic style

My window to the world She does not know why, but she shows how to do it. Obvious, right? ? In any case, she explains clearly how to transfer your desired images using lavender oil on shirts. Maybe someone will find, who can explain why it works.


From Sperrmüllfund to terrace cabinet

Man, there is certainly some envy on many. How do you find such great old boxes on the bulky waste. I think it's almost a pity that she was glazed in color and the print has almost disappeared. But still a great upcycling project from My dear Frollein.


If it were summer right now….

If yes, then it would be warm now and you would be in the pool. But as? That's how it is home-Elich an absolutely great LED picture frame font picture as a house decoration. I think the effect is simply terrific and could come straight to ideas....


Now I have to finish my blouse show already. I can not stand the roar outside in the garden anymore. All the time just shouting. Who should work like this? I give in now and then the pool may finally stop calling for me. ?

I wish you a nice sunday and maybe some rain without hail and storm.

But I would not forget to congratulate peppermint green for the first birthday. I wish all the best and continue to make such great contributions.

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