Blouse show DIY crafts 3/2015

Blouse show DIY crafts 3/2015: show

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Do you have such great weather? It is quite chilly, but the sun shines here early today. That's a winter. Nevertheless, a typical Sunday is announced. The big girl listens to music in her room and casts her finger on the computer, the little girl jigsaw puzzle, my wife reads on the cauch and I disturb the silence with the jingling of my keyboard. Everything as always or as Cindy and Bert said: "Always on Sundays..."

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Cones: Flowers made of pine cones

First of all, I would like to introduce you to a new find today: Kathleen blogging about her photos, creatives and already has some great projects to show. Especially her cones are a great example of her craft passion. I will visit her more often now.

Homemade crispy flakes

A recipe is also a project, right? At least when it comes to crispy flakes. If I had any in the house, I would get a bag right away. I'm absolutely into the delicious treat. Therefore, I find the project or recipe presentation of monochrome just great.


Dekoretti has dismantled the Christmas decorations and missed some color. Therefore, she has made a great lighting from disposable shot glasses. I think a great idea. And finally Easter is coming soon, as the decoration will fit very well.

Cuddly winter decoration with wool pompoms

Oh, that awakens childhood memories. We have very often wrapped pompoms and made several puppets. Handcraft Marie prefers to connect many to a wreath and the decorative door wreath is finished. Fluffy winter greetings.

Mobile phone case made of men's shirts

The mobile phone sock has had its day! Now there are whole shirts on it. Cuchikind make mobile phone bags with velcro. Very good I think the idea with the ironed tile. But I also have an idea: If the required fabric cut from the back, you can possibly still wear the shirt and has a matching cell phone bag. ?

Funny wind catcher

That's a great idea. It is made with the children and they also learn something else. I like such projects. ErnestKa explains step by step how these great wind catchers are built.

Spring flowers in DipDye pot

I still stand on black and white (just started my new computer desk in black and white last night) and therefore I like the "pots" of my fairy dust especially good. Pretty easy to make and yet a decoration with the appropriate accents can be set.

Coasters made of corks

I think I have to drink a little more wine. ? A great idea. What you can do with the wine corks, you will find DIY - I do it myself.


That's it for today. The couch is waiting for me - I have already built enough this weekend. For sure you will learn something more. I wish you a nice rest Sunday.

Greeting Ricc

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