Blouse Show DIY DIY 4/2015

Blouse Show DIY DIY 4/2015: 2015

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

It's Sunday, just after lunch and I'm full. Roast pork with red cabbage and croquettes. My wife can tinker really well. ?

Now it's time to read through the blogs and find interesting posts. I have to say, currently the crafting scene is very active. There are certainly some suggestions.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Glitter glasses

Already at Christmas there were some suggestions on this topic and Hej Hanse takes it up again in a way that is not harmful to the environment. So a snow globe or snow glass does not always have to be snow. It is also colorful.

Throw away nothing...

... thought so peppermint Green and overtakes an old no longer so beautiful sewing cart. With new paint and new fabric, it has become a handsome and above all practical bedside table. The daughter is happy.

DIY - photo background

Simple but practical and I should also think about it. I always have to think about where I photograph something and the workshop wall rarely forms a good look. It's as easy as that LeelahLoves proves.

Upcycling with wax: pour candles

Of course, many have done so in infinite forms and it is not difficult at all. But I think the topic is beautiful and some are thinking for sure now "That's right, I could do that again and again." That's why it's always interesting how others pour their candles. Great, I think the tip from KarinPlace thin candles in the middle of the mold to use the wick.

Picture frames made of paper

Well, that's an idea. Template of Creative stage print out, cut out, fold and done. There is no need for glue, nor do you need manual skills. No other picture frame is simpler and cheaper.

Renovate vintage dollhouse

Since it dreads even the horror. Renovating - everything is upside down, a room is crying for a cleaning devil and other rooms are delivered with the contents of the first room. Creative laboratory Berlin is courageous, renovates four rooms and even paints the furniture. Good job. ? The picture with the spatula in the room I think great.

Snowflake whitedress…

No, I have no need for snowflakes. But homemade they are already an eye-catcher. As children, we folded countless leaves, cut them and presented new doilies to Mama. I think she does not have any more today. Still, it was fun and with the templates of Mini Drops, you could even dare to try again.

Old slides and plastic bags

... will be shopping bags again. I think the idea of Dekoretti so great. Although I prefer to use large sturdy folding crates, but these shopping bags have something. Above all, we do not have to collect points anymore, now it's obvious what we regularly buy. I could just start my first shopping bag with Storck Giant.

As everyone on the cover picture has surely realized, "I could not do it smoothly again", but I tested the silhouette again. The templates of Minidrops are doing well - say my wife and daughter. They had to cut while I wrote here. Thank you girls.
Until the next round

Greeting Ricc

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