Blouse show DIY crafts 43/2014

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Blouse show DIY crafts 43/2014: show

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Sunday evening and I sit with my back to my computer. Phew, I was diligent this weekend. A lot of work and everything in a stooped posture. Then always down on your knees, back up in a stooped posture, back down on your knees... No, I'm not complaining, but someone could pity me something. ?

But relax a bit and surf the internet. Let's see if our craft friends were so diligent.

Blouse show DIY crafts

Easy peasy baby blanket

Congratulations to Leelah Loves girlfriend for a small successor. Great, if you have a suitable gift and this is even made yourself. Of course a baby blanket fits absolutely. Leelah Loves not only presents the handmade ceiling, but also shows a perfect guide, with which even I would trust the "replica".

Neon sign for the nursery

Today a small feature - again Leelah Loves, I just think the project is great and would like to introduce it to others. With a small fairy lights, simple accessories and no cordless screwdriver, a great neon sign was made. I like that.

Win a mini portrait - drawn by me for you

Actually, I do not advertise sweepstakes, but the action is awesome. Although that reduces my chance, I would like to point this out to you. My fairy dust draw your portrait - how ingenious. This is the chance to have a nice picture of yourself. ?

I have a new patchwork pillow

What lasts long will be fine and now has something own her pillow made. Actually, I'm not the type of colorful pillow, but I really like the work. Totally different patterns make a great work together. I would probably have already stopped at the points.... But all together it has something.

Our DIY book porcelain fever

Is it true? The one book fresh on the sales table, there is the second nachschoben. Well then a lot of success Creative fever, However, painted porcelain probably will not conquer my home improvement heart. But the girls have surprised me once before.

Halloween crochet pumpkin with instructions

Someone crouches a pumpkin for me. Of course, you can not make pumpkin soup from there, but it looks teasing. On Annie's DIY you can find the instructions for it. Double every 6th, lose every 3rd, skip 1 FM.... You can certainly do more with it than me.

Washable toilet paper

Oh, you blog...? Yes I do. And I read blogs. The title "washable toilet paper" was something strange to me. No, this is not a show and it's not about a project. It's just written about something that actually exists. I could not withhold that from you. And no, there will be no product test from me.

That was it again, my review through the DIY and craft blogs. I was a little distracted and my back has recovered a bit. We read again tomorrow to Blogrundschau wood technology.

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