Blouse show DIY crafts 46/2014

Blouse show DIY crafts 46/2014: show

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Good evening dear readers of the Blogrundschau!

No, the weather is not nice this weekend. Apparently, the fall can not be stopped. Nevertheless, I spent the weekend outside. I finally decided to part with my old car. At the age of 24 he too has earned his peace before me. So I've cleaned it again properly and maybe someone else brings him to the vintage age, much is missing no more. Unfortunately, I am lacking the space. He deserves it.
Incidentally, the title picture was just made by chance. I was outside to get my camera for a suitable picture, because I noticed our little decoration figure in the eye. With flashlight that should work quite well.

Blouse show DIY crafts

DIY snowman made of paper

Hardly said, it's already winter. Who wants that? Not me. The tinkered snowman in his "snow globe" is just great. The template is available at Sodapop Design also as download. Well then ran to work. What else should one do in the weather?

Advent Village

Whether I like it or not, winter and Christmas are approaching. Stress... Unless you make your own decoration and Christmas calendar yourself. This saves the shopping crowd. Leelaloves shows a great idea with instructions.

8 DIY ideas for Christmas

A Rundschau for a Rundschau. No matter. DIY I'll do it myself, shows a few found ideas, which are quite easy to implement. Quite great, I think the labeled Merci chocolates.

Upcycling angel

These are handicrafts to my taste. Fast, easy and yet you see your own commitment. To do this conjures Titatoni from an old city plan little angels as a tree or gift hanging. Super light, super cute and super explained.

Advent calendar: Pantone cottage

And on to the next Christmas calendar. Again, it is small houses, which are glued from paper. It looks great with the right color. In the post of Cuchikind There is also a link to a penguin calendar. Maybe not for Christmas, but looks great.

Naturbasteln: Rindenengelchen

I believe that Hobbykisterl is represented for the first time in the Rundschau. The Schnupperblick but worth it. From bark pieces, small wooden discs and some decoration cute figures are made. The picture alone is already inspiration.

DIY advent calendar

Also new in the Rundschau is peppermint Green, That's why I found my favorite calendar here. My wife is excited too. I have to get there. Finally a calendar in which something fits.

Straw star

Cool. At least that was my first word. Straws, wire and nimble fingers - more is added Hej Hanse not needed for decorative tree hanging. With the color of the straws, the design can be freely chosen.

DIY star showers

My daughter is standing right next to me and we made our own star showers. It took a while until it worked out, but the instructions from I like it is working. Apparently only my fingers are not suitable for such things.

You have noticed, for Christmas, there are many crafting instructions. That's why I'm canceling one Blog Rundschau Special Edition on. Then there are a lot of craft links for Christmas. Maybe everything about Christmas calendars? What do you all mean?

Ciao your Ricc

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