Blouse show DIY crafts 47/2014

Blouse show DIY crafts 47/2014: blouse

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Meal dear reader of the Blogrundschau!

Today I may again: The sun is shining and the weather is just fantastic. So I fall and fall in winter. Who needs snow, mud and cold? Not me. When I think of my childhood, winter was something else. Somehow there was always snow in the winter. Or maybe you just remember the beautiful days when you were tobogganing and displaced the Matschwetter?
Stop dreaming, now it's time to go to the Blogrundschau. Finally, I have some work left to do today. Therefore, I will rather come to crafts, but my wife is responsible for that anyway.

Blouse show DIY crafts

A touch of Advent in the nursery

Since I'm back at Hej Hanse landed again. This is probably because I like simple decoration. I do not stand on the exaggerated Christmas plan, which leaves no room for anything else. Hej Hanse shows how to spread some Christmas magic with simple little things. I like it.

DIY - Advent wreath of wire

And it continues with my decoration taste. Subtle and just cool. peppermint Green shows in a detailed guide how you can tinker a Christmas wreath of wire. If you like, you can just use the idea for the figures and candlesticks and combine that with a usual thick green wreath.

How I draw - Step by Step

Something not so festive is there at my fairy dust to see. In a really great tutorial Lisa shows how her pictures are made. If you want to let off steam with colored pictures, you can learn a lot here. Of course, some talent is part of it and that's why I keep out of it.

Advent calendar from cardboard rolls

As an old "Ossi" everybody knows the Picasso udder. Triangular milk cartons made from rolls. From Karin tinkering in this form an Edventskalender - easy to do and looks great.


By chance I found another interesting blog. Needless to say, manual work is not my thing, but here it is implemented very creatively. I would like to introduce you Stoffelche, which make a great Christmas decoration. By Sassi - a great introduction to my Blozenschau.

Tutorial - Reindeer Cake Pop

Is that the hammer. I think the delicious animals just sweet, too much to have a good time. You should definitely read the instructions Pop.Cut and maybe this will be the new Deorations trend.

Engrave the glass

A really nice guide from onlyhow you can get into the glass engraving with simple means. I had everything there and had already tried on Plexiglas. The results did not convince me and so I gave it up again. Maybe you have a better hand for it.

With that you should have enough craft inspirations for Sunday. If that is not enough for you, you will surely find in our craft manual many more suggestions on Christmas decorations tinker.
Next week, I set myself an extreme blogger goal. Since it is the last week before the first Advent, I will try every day to deliver a collection of crafting tutorials and great suggestions for another Christmas theme. Ideas would be for example: Advent wreath, advent calendar, nativity scenes, tree decorations...

I wish you a nice rest Sunday.
Your Ricc

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