Blouse show DIY crafts 49/2014

Blouse show DIY crafts 49/2014: crafts

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Did you have such great weather yesterday? We even flowered a few daisies, as shown on my cover picture "Blütenbracht in Dezember". In the morning the sun was shining and the temperature of just over 0° C did not seem so cold. Of course, I took advantage of that and spent the whole day outside in the workshop. In addition to cleaning up, I have now finally attached a Christmas lighting. The new LED RGB Stripes are a great thing and can be used very decorative.

Blouse show DIY crafts

Christmas trees made of plaster

Now that I have seen some decorative pieces such as candlesticks and concrete diamonds, draws Leelah Loves with fir trees made of plaster. Beautifully described and well explained, it shows a small winter landscape with mint green cones.


Do scrub soap yourself

What is scrub soap? Yes, now I know it too. Creative fever Explains how you can make these yourself and how easy it is. So, scrub with me.

City of lights made of modeling clay

An idea, fantasy, modeling mass.... and Gingered Things tinkers a magical Christmas decoration. With the lighting, it just looks gorgeous.

Cozy Tidy Office

Titatoni welcomes us this week with a special contribution. After "occasional" chaos, their workspace shines in new splendor and it gives insights into every small decorative corner. Very interesting and safe, some can take some ideas with them. My highlight is the illuminated picture.

Paper stars from old magazines

Are you looking for a little quick decoration option? Then you are with us today Dekotopia right. A perfect guide on how to make some stars out of newsprint. I like it when newsprint is used. Depending on your taste, you can find something in every color.

Mobile Bag "Bua"

Sewing in the middle of the Christmas season By Sassi Mobile bags with leather pants. Is there something more suitable? ? I think it's great. If you are inspired, you will find two articles before that.

Knob Loop Autumn

I admit that I have absolutely no idea about it and am not too enthusiastic about sewing. Although I can handle a sewing machine and certainly sew buttons, but it's not that I'm looking forward to it. Whoever it is: a knop-loop is a button-up scarf. The of Modage presented, has something and I like it really well. That this keeps nice and warm, I like to believe.

So today I drove the Christmas compulsion down a bit and my eyes turned again to not so Christmassy articles. I hope you are right.

An extra greeting and congratulation goes today Bine from something own, She could celebrate her seven-year blog anniversary this week. Congratulations from me and keep it up.

Your Ricc

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