Blouse show DIY crafts 5/2015

Blouse show DIY crafts 5/2015: 2015

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Good morning dear readers of the Blouseschau,

I wish you a sunny and healthy Sunday. With us it has almost all caught. The kids coughed for days and I was blown away yesterday. Therefore, I can not report on new projects. Nevertheless, yesterday I was diligent and we have the nursery room of our big changed and completely mucked. She does not know why yet. By chance, I got a nice big TV, which will soon be hanging on the wall. The punishment came in the evening, when I lay in a blanket lying on the couch, instead of forgiving myself, as always for the weekend, for a long night in the workshop. There was nothing more to me anymore. Unfortunately, it is not better today. But good with moaning, let's see how the other bloggers are doing.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

7 organizing ideas for the home office

I have to confess, at the workplace I am a small order fanatic. Nothing should lie around and wipe the dust I would not have to raise anything. But now everyone needs work utensils, they have to be neatly stowed away. Creative fever give some tips and examples. I really like the pen box from old floppy disks.

Upcycling: Brenndings made of wax

So the name Brenndings has already made me curious. So easy the idea from Karin is, that's how awesome I think. Whether as a "Dekofeuer" or igniter, I like the Brenndingse great.

Concrete muffins

I love the concrete decorations. Whether diamonds or flower vases, everything is possible and you just need an idea. At the Cuchikind it is now the muffin forms with tealight. Looks really great. Hopefully no one bites in.

Refurbished: Candlestick collection

As a metalworker, my heart bleeds a little when brass is painted over. But ok, that's a matter of taste and the guidance of Dekotopia is done perfectly. Therefore, I would like to refer to it here and I have definitely learned what a Stupfpinsel is.

Flying pots

Yes, the title arouses interest and the resolution is worth a click. An all-metal grid of a window is converted as a shelf and hung on the ceiling. Great idea and even better look of Tutti's world.
You may have noticed, the article is older and not from the last week. For newly found blogs but I make an exception to introduce them.

Leksvik makeover

What happens if Only access to paint and leather belts? I know, fantasies know no limits, but this means the work-up of an older dresser and the result I like really well.

DIY cat toy

As a handyman you have big plans, what you could build so everything for his beloved four-legged friends. It does not always have to be as complex as Aentschie in their current contribution proves. With simple means, she gives her cats a long game pleasure.

Table decoration with Momosen and so

Yes, the Advent wreath time is not yet reached for this year, but the idea of Johanna Rundel ingenious. Made of felt and glasses she makes a great decoration with candles, which looks great not only for Christmas.

That's it for today. Enjoy Sunday and recover well before tomorrow's work begins again. Should someone still look for me today - I'm lying on the couch and hope to be fit again tomorrow.

Your Ricc

PS: I almost forgot - on the cover picture today you have a part of my self-made nursery furniture.

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