Blouse Show DIY DIY 50/2014

I wish a nice third advent!

Blouse Show DIY DIY 50/2014: blouse

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Have you all had your Christmas party behind you? We met this Thursday and I could tell you something about a delicious meal. But more interesting is our shrimp weighting. I got real scrap - see cover picture. Or maybe not. Let's call it retro scrap. A toaster from the years.... Can someone help? Absolutely iconic the part and I'll certainly polish it up neatly. What I do with it, I do not know yet. It just does not fit in with our interior design style. Maybe someone of you has an idea. Or maybe even a matching hot device cable?

Blouse show DIY crafts

Decorative stars made of concrete

Thank you my fairy dust! I think the concrete jewelry or decoration so simply awesome. In principle, everything can be done with it. Make a shape out of paper / cardboard, fill in and the decoration is ready. Borders are the only ideas and Lisa will hopefully not go out.

Stamp on gift ribbons

Much work has become something own made, but certainly something unique and personal. Stamp gift ribbon with a small letter and give it a personal touch has something. Great idea.

Pennant necklace with pictures

From one great idea to the next. Gingered Things surprises me again and again with a fantastic creativity. I would never have come up with the idea to stitch together pictures to a pennant chain.

Paper Ball Ornaments

Today I have another look over the water A beatifull Mess thrown and got stuck in a very interesting construction manual. As great as the idea, is again the very well-documented crafting instructions. And thanks to the many pictures, nobody needs to be afraid of language problems.

Mini pennant chain and gigantomaniac chocolate sin

These contributions make sure that my Blozenschau in really hard work and physical stress degenerates. Are you allowed to publish such brilliant chocolate bombs without censorship and warning? For the rest of the day I am suffering from a chocolate trauma. Titatoni - My warning fee amounts to a "gigantomanic chocolate sin", address is there by mail. Of course, in this post was also tinkered. ?

Car reindeer on the tape

Do you know the advertisement in which the dad of his child wants a small car and promises everything? This could happen in some households from now on, because the pennant chain from the Cuchikind is just the best. And that literally. You have to look at each other and then maybe plunder the nursery.

Dressed up for a festive holiday

In this case, I have to walk a little bit astray and deliberately distract you from contributing. It is presented by needle fine a festive packaging and on the cover picture is in the background to see a Christmas tree that has just done to me. For me a brilliant idea and should I find a sawing template, I could be carried away smoothly.

I wish you a nice third Advent and a relaxed Sunday. My wife stood with the children in the kitchen forever and made cookies - I do not dare to go down. Three "women" in the kitchen, that can only end in chaos.

Your Ricc

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