Blouse show DIY crafts 6/2015

Blouse show DIY crafts 6/2015: blouse

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

I wish you a nice sunny Sunday. Are you looking forward to warmer days? Noticeably, it gets rather light every morning, the days get longer again and according to the announcement they are getting warmer again. All the same, it can be summer all year long. Then the nights in the workshop are more pleasant. Although I have the advantage that mine is heated, but it is still extremely cold on the feet. Nothing for underfloor heating spoiled, like me.

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Tissue holder

Anyone who has children, knows the enormous need and may have already annoyed over tens of packages handkerchiefs, which are everywhere around. On Tutti's world you will find a sewn order help. With measurements and instructions you can sew bags that can be flexibly fastened everywhere.

Celtic knot cushion

I always knork my pillows, but I have not gotten knots there so far. The knot cushion of Johanna Rundel however, consists only of knots and looks just awesome. Anyone who knots such a pillow, definitely has an absolute eye-catcher.

Interesting wooden coasters

If there is no cup in the cup. A great idea and first-class design coasters offers monochrome, With detailed instructions, she shows you how to make wooden or (half) balls very special coasters.

Paper plate - fast basket

If that's not a real men's gift box. ? A paper plate, four cuts, a ribbon and ready is the Pommes or biscuit box. The instructions are available I like it and I like it.

Pallet wardrobe

Actually, it is more in the Holz-Technik-Rundschau, but in every project is finally DIY. Therefore I would like to introduce you to the small pallet rack of only imagine. Well explained and pretty easy, everyone can build their own individual wardrobe. You need only the wood.

DIY upcycling beach chairs

I had already seen the project on the net this week and am pleased to finally introduce it here. Pallet furniture is certainly a matter of taste and not everyone can make friends with it, but these beach chairs are just great. Awesome Leelah Loves Combination with the headphones.

That was my creative vision for this week. Today I will equip the nursery musically and connect my restored loudspeakers. The big one is looking forward to it. I hope that's not a mistake on my part.

Greeting Ricc

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