Blouse show DIY tinkering 8/2015

Blouse show DIY tinkering 8/2015: blouse

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

finally it gets warmer and we grilled yesterday for the first time. Very late, because there is no abatement or barbecue. We grill all year round and in any weather. Of course, this happens more often in the summer, but when we celebrate New Year's Eve outside, nothing beats nice meat flaps. Already handy, if you have a heated little party room. What about with you? Do you grill all the time?

Blouse show DIY and crafts

Leelah Love's book "Garden Decoration"

First, a congratulation Leelah Loves, Her first book has been published and in a contribution she introduces the creation of some pictures. It's interesting how many things are photographed and finished afterwards.


Upcycling: Tin cans are great

Every handyman uses somewhere old packs, boxes and cans to sort out any odds and ends. From Karin now establishes this function in the living area. Of course not without the feminine charm. Since I change the glasses depending on employment, I think the storage box is great.


Decorative storage jars

My wife calls it Messi syndrome, I say "storage for later reuse". So we come from the tin cans to storage jars from the s'Bastelkiste, Decoratively designed, they can be used for many things. Class is the idea with the blackboard foil, so everything can be easily labeled.


Strickliesel made of cardboard and wooden sticks

Is that awesome. That's what I call upcycling at its best. ? A roll of toilet paper, a few ice-cream sticks, tape.... This is Annie's DIYProject to Knit-Liesel.


Appearance in the ARD buffet

"Exactly" so came Fairy is my name on TV. Who reads the article understands the choice of words. But apart from the TV appearance, I find the crafting instructions for Linolschnitten great. The possible use is certainly unlimited.


The stool in green

... is not just green. On the one hand, children are welcome to let off steam in coloring, and on the other hand That can be cheerful (great blog name) with colorful oilcloths the perfect icing on the cake. So a warm welcome in my Blogrundschau.


Instructions for pleating handicrafts

I did not know the term and was, of course, curious about what was behind it. Great geometric folding techniques, ours Cuchikind perfectly explained. Since I have to point my daughter right now.


Fast hot glue flowers

Although I do not have it with the decoration, but the idea is great and can certainly be implemented in other areas. Johanna Rundel "Paint" with the hot glue gun and then paint the cold structures.


So I want to finish my review and wish you a great Sunday. He is pretty cloudy with us and I will spend it decoratively on the couch. Yes, such a lying man on the couch is also art. ?

Greeting Ricc

PS: Does anyone recognize what is hidden behind the cover picture?

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