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Blouse show DIY crafts: show

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It is Sunday and the first week of my vacation is "done". The last few days I was very practical and yesterday especially physically active. The lawn is mowed, pool and trampoline are mined and there comes the quiet time on the computer now completely read.

For some contributions I had to smile today. On the one hand well written and on the other hand extremely creative. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy reading.

Blouse show DIY crafts

DIY magazine holder

Leelah Loves In the morning, I like to have a tractor on my head and cocoa poured over the covers, but then I have to read newspapers. Or was it turned around? No matter, very handy is her DIY magazine holder, whose construction she describes very well.

Book tip: Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh

To be creative, you sometimes need creative help. I like the book presentation very well, because there is a lot of decorative writing on the walls right now. This may not seem so fast with my craftsman hands, but it's good to know where to get help. Thank you my fairy dust.

Fast order

That's a post that surely will please many. Although I often clean up with large shopping bags, but that's also creative, I have not come to that. Great tip TITATONI.

Leftover coaster / mug rugs

I've never heard the term Mug Rugs before. But now I am thanks Annie's DIY enlightened and find the idea really good. Grandma's crocheted potholders have become obsolete and could be replaced in this form.

Blouse show garden

Allotment: New series

Even if my garden (lawn) is located directly at the house, I know this gardening rule, after which a certain percentage must be used for cultivation. Although I believe I know where it comes from, I'm looking forward to more detailed explanations from the wild garden blog.


Nothing is more constant than change

It's great when two people do not understand each other so well but still so well that they work together for their ideals. Experiment self-sufficiency logs in with a not so nice notice and at the same time launches a call for new guest authors, I want to support hereby.

Many pictures, knowledge and practical tips

This offers this week My forest garden, With some contributions Sara reports about her activities in the garden, convinces with great pictures and gives tips. Here you should leaf through and read a few posts. But beware - such a Sunday is over quickly.

That should be it for today again. I hope you found something interesting and could read a little. Have a nice sunday and see you next Blouse DIY DIY Garden - Ricc.

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