Blouse show DIY crafts

Blouse show DIY crafts: 2014

my blouse show

It is Sunday, my last day of vacation, and the weather reflects the right feeling with us. Gray, cloudy, rainy.... No matter, I had a relaxing and fun vacation without a long journey. May even book an experience that will change my life significantly. I'll probably write about that later. Now for the first time Blozenschau DIY DIY Garden.

Blouse show DIY crafts

a homemade macrame wall hangings

Oh yes, old childhood memories come alive. I did that too! Certainly not that big and guaranteed not so nice, but knots everyone gets and with a bit of practice, you can also get them in shape nicely. A look at SOUSOU DIYSIGN Well worth it in any case.

Creative with children: sewing and designing gecko

Children usually give the biggest incentive to be creative. Even better, if you can be together with the children. Annie's DIY now offers a great guide to sewing and painting geckos.

A house for sodapop - the smallest room

As well as Sodapop design, I like the combination of black and white. And of course, our bathroom, as well as guest toilet, shines in this color combination. Sodapop design introduces her guest toilet and offers beautiful ambitions for her own design.

DIY concrete candlestick

Concrete is obviously in and Creative fever make out of it now candlesticks. A super simple thing with understandable instructions. A little tip from me - tile adhesive should also work and it is available in smaller "portions" to buy.

Blouse show garden

All in all apple cider vinegar

At the "smell" of the bright vinegar, with me rather in the silicone to smell, I fumble powerfully the nose. But well, not everything that is good can smell too. Vinegar is apparently such a substance and Experiment self-sufficiency, shows how diverse and practical apple cider vinegar can be.

Applesauce with woodruff

I love apples, but unfortunately my body has something against fresh apples and so I have to limit myself to processed variants. This includes applesauce - simply a refreshing cold and on pancakes the mus is a must. Gartenrot introduces in a short simple recipe "applesauce with woodruff". Of course, I will gladly accept a sample.

Semps, well dosed

Who does not know, Semps are house sausages (lat. sempervivum). That I did not know, I probably do not have to mention. Canned semps are included majoRahn (Follow link in the post). Maybe not a permanent solution but it looks interesting.

Photograph dragonflies

Actually, it is a shame in the case just to name a post. Almost daily my forest garden new posts with knowledge and fantastic pictures. Therefore, please do not look at this post only.

Blouse show DIY crafts: blouse

Pie for school enrollment

Now I hope you have found interesting reading materials, suggestions or great pictures. For tips and suggestions, of course, I always have an open ear.

Since it is currently all about the enrollment turns in many places, nor a separate reference to our Schultüten crafting instructions. Incidentally, the picture shows my daughter's enrollment cake. A DIY work of a good friend.

    Video Board: DIY blouse tutorial- How to sew a blouse