Blouse Show DIY DIY Garden 38/2014

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Blouse Show DIY DIY Garden 38/2014: 2014

my blouse show

Today, there is absolute silence in my house - no TV, no one tells me to do crafts or play games.... Only the clatter on my keyboard can be heard. Yesterday was a big farmer's market on our horse farm and since my female family part is very active there, we have afterwards held a final barbecue and celebrated the successful event. That dragged on powerfully. Today is now general afternoon nap and if I would not sit here on the computer... I'll get me a big coffee.

Blouse show DIY crafts

Shorten your DIY pants! IKEA HACK (without sewing)

Yes, a man would "sew" whole clothes. The idea is brilliant, cheap and fast. That's a good example of DIY - I do it myself.

Typography shield with boreholes

A definite time-consuming but interesting idea to design fonts delivers to us this week my fairy dust, Who has a steady hand, can achieve such great effects. Maybe make the holes a little bigger and behind a different colored board...

More gingerbread heart bags

Women and their handbags... Well, I do not want to comment on that (for safety's sake). It becomes interesting, however, when women can crochet their own bags and adapt to any costume. Men, shows the post from Karin Your wife and you can save a lot of stress and money.

Crescent Sheep Instructions

Autumn is coming closer and the health needs some support every now and then. Practically there are towels that warm the neck and look great. The moon sheep put her cloth made of pearl thread before us.

Berry, rosewood, pastel - blue and green

Threads three times has come to the taste and dyes wool itself needed. The color results are impressive. If you are interested in it, leaf through a review and find the complete guide.

Blouse show garden

Couch surfing for useful garden helpers

This refers to the many small animals that tirelessly do their work in the garden and are often underestimated or forgotten. Experiment self-sufficiency Let us remember that we can do something for the little helpers too.

more heart comforters and a large garden walk in the early morning

patch Garden Take us on a garden tour. There is so much to see from Larkspur on the yesterday's potato harvest to late rose petals. Great impressions.

You've probably noticed, in the blouse show a little change the topics. It is getting cooler and gardening is slowing down. For that I will dedicate myself a bit more to manual labor. At least in the blouse show.

An extra congratulation is still on today beautifully done, Congratulations on the fourth birthday.

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