Blouse Show DIY DIY Garden 39/2014

Blouse Show DIY DIY Garden 39/2014: blouse

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Have a nice Sunday dear reader.

Last week I wrote about autumn, rain and handicraft weather and today I see a bright blue sky and enjoy summer temperatures. Anyway, I think it's great and we'll have our lunch outside today. Pool…. Oh no, I will not build it again. But hedge I would have to cut again, as the title picture shows. I've just taken this over my monitors.

Blouse show DIY crafts

Weekend tinkering: plant pressure

Leelah Loves heralds the autumn with a simple but very decorative picture project. Especially her example on the brick wall, I find very successful.

Oktoberfest jewelry! O'zapft is.

Personally, I can not win much from the Oktoberfest, but you can hardly escape that. So references DIY I'll do it myself also on an older project and shows how to make matching jewelry.

Concrete picture with relief letters

So, now you have finally made it. I think a craft is just great. The idea to decorate with concrete is great, now even to bring in the writing, just great. My fairy dust - great creative work.

Photo background of oilcloth

at DIY by Karin It's not about a project, but about a project for the projects and I find it very interesting. How often do I stand myself and do not know how to photograph my works or parts of them appropriately. After all, I'm a home improvement and not a photographer. Karin's tips are very helpful.

Blouse show garden

Botanical pearls between Freising and Erding

Garden Impressions was on the way and looks at interesting gardens. The last impressions are fascinating and equally reassuring. This is really a pearl of nature.

Garden Impressions Garden 3

That too Gardener blog gives us impressions from a garden. Only there are other reasons for this. It is the own new garden, which will be prepared according to personal taste in the future. Certainly an interesting story to pursue.

Punching birds

Actually, that belongs in the craft area and not to the gardens - but I found it at My garden and me and find it very interesting. Unfortunately, I do not know what is done, so I would be very interested in a manual. Report to me, if you can help me.

In the meantime, we ate our food and I even had to set up the sunshade. The weather is just wonderful.

Today is in our Blogrundschau still a congratulation Leelah Loves to the two-year blog anniversary. To celebrate the day, Katharina invites you to a free craft workshop.

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