Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer

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Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer: came

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I know, some missed the Blouse show, but there was a reason for that - I was on vacation. And I enjoyed it extensively. A week went with wife, children and dog to Thuringia Kyffhäuser and a week (after washing all the holiday clothes) I gave myself some things in my workshop.

But short on vacation, which was our first with dog (slightly larger model with almost 40 kg). "Holiday with dog" was the variant that has brought us to a small house (rather bungalow with annex). A fenced area allowed the unobserved clearance of our "fat" and also from the mountain walks, he was very pleased. The last few days he controlled every exit with a walk to the gate and the tailgate of our car, if we can not do a tour immediately. He liked it and our first dog holiday was a great success. A bad internet reception also made it possible to get to know one's own family. ?

After the holiday, it was time to relax and wash clothes and then spend a lot of time in the workshop. The result is a screen door - is that too bad for you right now? -, another window in the workshop and then there was a package with many small parts. A 3D printer in the kit. What was I excited about. Of course, nothing stopped me, not even the time and sometime around 4:00 o'clock the first clicks with the mouse breathed into my printer movement. Until then, however, it was a long way full of handicraft after instructions from some videos. Nevertheless, I am quite enthusiastic about the system and would not have expected such quality at this price. The type of connection of lasered parts excited me times really. Simple and precise fit results in an easy assembly and a dimensionally stable construction. Of course, there follows a test report, in which I go extensively on the details. Here are a few pictures for feeding:

Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer: holiday

Parts without protective foil

Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer: holiday

Even more odds and ends

Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer: came

It is taking shape

Blogrundschau - On holiday came a 3D printer: holiday

First test run

Now for my blog review

Coffee table in combination of wood and steel in perfection

The table bears the branding "Maßgeschreinert von Tom" and would also wear it without a flame stamp. Holzwerkstatt Blog shows again that even a coffee table can be worked out perfectly in detail. I particularly like the combination of steel and wood and make the table look very modern.

13th final

Build Bicycle Repair Tripod

Pst.... My daughter gets a new bike this week for her birthday. Good that she can not read yet. ? Should something be broken at this time, surely everyone knows the usually awkward handling of turning the bike into the right position and then getting it to a halt. Such a repair stand is already useful, but usually quite expensive. So homemade! So it has Woodcraft made and describes the construction very extensively. For the quick insight, there is again a video.

Set up the child swing correctly

I confess that our rocking and sliding frame has been "loveless in the meadow" for seven years and is still standing. Still, I have to Wood and metal give right and with such things you should not fumble. Therefore, take a close look and pay attention to the safety and protection of the wood.


Flower tub from roof battens

Building a flower box for the woman certainly brings many advantages - men know that. But women can do it alone, like ours cosmonaut proves. From simple roof battens, which are available in every hardware store for little money, creates a very individual and above all easily adaptable to your own desires flower tub. If you want to rebuild the original model, you will find all the required dimensions and details in the article.

Flower pots made of wood

Hexagon Honeycomb shelves

A great name and a great effect. Secretly shows the emergence of small shelves or compartments, which have it in itself. Extravagant design, not so easy attachment but the absolute eye-catcher. I do not like it when cupboards and shelves are used as visible storage space, but the variant has something. Should you have a look.


Pallet children's furniture

Pallet furniture is now loved and hated, but when it comes to children's furniture, the question naturally does not arise. Especially not if the pieces of furniture are so well combined with branches and get an extravagant look. Just a cozy picnic group. pallet bed shows how it works.

Pallet bench, children's table: garden child seat group

Clay cups made of clay

Concrete decorations are in, s'Bastelkiste but try again with sound and friends of the decoration will have their bright joy. One may forgive me and who knows me, that certainly does - my joy refers more to the great idea. Cut out with cookie molds, bend the edges up, dry and the bowls are ready. Good, some color is still missing.


So I say goodbye to the first after-vacation Blogrundschau and give myself a little bit my new toy, the 3D printer out. A great hobby.

Greeting Ricc

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