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The Blogrundschau goes back online: back

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Do I have to apologize? I do not know and may have only funny views. Therefore, beforehand a little info on the neglect of the regular Blozenschau:

In November to January I was forced to cancel the Blogrundschauen time. Sometimes you have to set priorities. But I'm the guy who prefers to do something or not at all and the fact that I may not be able to publish the blouse regularly on a regular basis has made me a little annoyed and thought-provoking. Does it make sense to write a weekly blog review if I can not promise it will be published weekly? I am / was not sure and have therefore kept it since then.

But I have to admit that I miss her. Although it costs a few hours, but it is great to keep in contact with the bloggers and regularly to find out what's new in the blogger world. Since I have also received some nice mails from bloggers who have inquired after the Blozenschau, I will continue it again. No more weekly, not regularly on Monday, maybe even with a break and not with an exact review of the last week. As time permits, I present interesting contributions, which can sometimes be older. But it will give the Blogrundschau again.

In order to continue to maintain good contact with you, I would like to increasingly introduce your blogs again. So, if you are active in woodworking, DIY, DIY and / or DIY, just get in touch. I am happy about every contact. But now in the first Blouse show 2016.

Blogrundschau the first 2016

IKEA PS2014 or rather 2020?

Dracary's DIY shoot the bird a little bit again. ? Even if you do not understand everything technically - some expertise is needed - his projects are always ingenious. In this case, he works on an IKEA lamp, makes it shine multicolored and automatically open and close. I think it's great again and who does not want to grab the IKEA catalog right away?


Office cupboard part 1

I understand that Awaysworkingman Absolutely - Cabinets must be precise, take up a lot of functional and glued wood is cheap, and easy to work. Although it sometimes warps, but in massive constructions, this is rarely a problem dar. So he created a new cabinet for the laser multifunction device, paper storage, Suwoofer... Oh, there is certainly still a lot.


Cutting board with ridge strips

I always thought that a chopping board sawed, twisted, glued from several strips.... must become. Holzwerkstatt Blog however, shows another way with so-called ridge strips. I did not know this variant yet, but I like it very much. Now I just "lack" the planing skills.


A shell made of brushed aluminum

You still know I am a home improvement, who had an endless blog break, which I thought was a pity. But now he is under the name Marcianer back. As he writes, not so often, but hopefully with his great uncomplicated writing style and projects that convince even beginners that one can accomplish much with a little skill. Mark started with a shell made of aluminum sheet metal. And as always he proves - mistakes happen and make DIY somehow.


A wooden bed is created

Already presented in our forum - The almost finished bed of DIY Work Blog, Solid from real wood, with neat dowels and a lot of wood glue should keep the next years safe and... No, I do not worry about that. ?


Smartphone station

Simple, simple and yet somehow cool wood projects a smartphone stand. I like the combination of black and wood. This has something modern without taking the naturalness of wood. I like it.


No project at all and still interesting when blogging. Woodcraft is not a lawyer and he relies mostly on found information from the network, but much sounds plausible and is also known to me in the form. Especially as a blogger you should but now and then deal with the legal background. So, just read, let it sink and think about your own blog.


A shelf for body clamps

Order must be and if you get a set of such great compulsory, they may well be presented properly. Priority is it Woodworm Tom sure about the orderly accommodation of his new treasures. The project was implemented interestingly and presented at the end of a wall mounting, which I like very much. You never learn.


So I conclude my first Blozenschau in 2016. As you certainly noticed, I was mainly in the wood and home improvement area. There's a reason for that too. Many new blogs are created and some people unfortunately fall asleep. So today I went through my current list of home improvement bloggers and sorted them. Next time is the craft and DIY area turn.

Until then, I say goodbye again and wish you a nice week.

Greeting Ricc

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