Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015: again

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

It is Monday and as usual, I would like to give you an insight into the blogger world again today. I hope you could recover a bit on a stormy weekend. For me that was a little less the case and my work is still something in my bones. After laying new laminate in the corridor last weekend, my wife started sanding liquid grass in the living room. I have completed this weekend and wallpapered two walls with non-woven wallpaper. My case is not exactly this work, but the result can be seen. Very expensive were all the light switches and sockets. Especially at my computer station, I have some of it and the whole off and reinstallation was very time consuming. Then sit down again, get up, squat, get on the chair.... You can tell, I'm not the youngest anymore...

Yesterday I came at least so far that everything is again grown and installed and I could at least sit on the couch for an hour in front of the TV. Today it is again thoroughly cleaned and almost all furniture can take their place again. I would like to rebuild my computer desk, because I do not need all the subjects. Maybe I'll make a corner table out of it. In addition, I will replace the light switch - white really does not fit anymore.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015: technik

The popular place of our dog is clearly recognizable. The sight disturbs of course.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015: holz

With the right suction, it is a pretty clean job.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015: blogrundschau

I even like the sanded wall.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 2/2015: again

But it's better if it's papered.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Extraction system in the test

Not a project, but a product presentation. But since I consider a suction in the workshop not only useful, but important, I would like to target a contribution from Alwaysworkingman refer. Maybe this will inspire some who have only thought about it so far.


pyramid lamp

I absolutely love simple design with geometric shapes and shapes HolzwerstattBlog once again described a perfect project. As always, I am overwhelmed by the perfection of execution. Of course, some envy also occurs in the machines used. I think that's understandable.


Disposal of the night storage heaters

Not only the construction, also the disposal is important. That it is not always easy shows us Martin's workshop in an interesting and well-illustrated report. Interesting to see and read exciting.


The homemade band saw

I was already able to follow the construction of a band saw (completely made of wood) and found it fascinating. Operation home now dares as well such a project. I am absolutely looking forward to the implementation and will report here again and again.


DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

Artisans need pictures and do not need to understand the text. So today I take a look over the water. Shanty 2 Chic has built an interesting shoe cabinet and shows this in a detailed guide. And once again, I see very well that I need such a pocket hole part and my wife needs a bigger shoe cabinet.


Planing bench in own construction

On the way, his year crowned and completed his bench. Even though I find his tradition of wooden dowel making absolutely amazing on this day. Therefore, I also recommend a click on the link "like every year". ?


That's it for today. I'm looking forward to more great posts in 2015 and will report about it on a weekly basis. A thank you and soft Ciao goes to Mark and I'm a home improvement. Do not take too long break!

Greeting Ricc

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