Blogrundschau Holz Technik 24/2015

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 24/2015: technik

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On a second!

In my contribution yesterday (should actually be the Blounterschau) I have reported on my activities this weekend and thus my review starts today with a day late.

Actually, I give in the introduction always a small review of my weekend, but since I have already made something more detailed yesterday, I go straight to the Blogrundschau.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Overengineered and rollin, rollin, rollin

I could not do anything with the title, but I'm a cutting mechanic (lathe) and the image of the lathe made me curious. A big compliment Botchjob, its design, construction and execution of the ball bearing shaft. Coronation is exactly the right location or should I say village?


Gravestone made of wood

A slightly darker project, but I understand Sandro's craft blog Absolutely - it is an enormous honor to be able to create a souvenir for dear people. And a great work was produced in great detail, the creation of which was documented with many pictures.


Lay paving stones

I have been watching the posts for some time now and report today Wood and metal Enforcement. The stones are laid and free according to the motto "everyone can do it" has created a real design result that is impressive. Interesting is the cost structure or the comparison to a professional implementation.


Many small projects

Yesterday I had already asked which projects have tied you up so much on the weekend. The cellar workers was fully booked. Renovate the room, build a bench, test the flat dowel bur (oh no, that's bauble) and build sockets on a spit. These are great weekends, right?


Milling template for 35 €

I had the last post meant that I absolutely need one more. Now it is too Basti's wood page jumped on the train and has built quite cheap a milling template. The quality is obviously right and a cheaper alternative will probably not exist.


Everything at right angles?

Yes, I ask myself that more often. Therefore, in this case, not a project, but a tool idea. Patrick woodworkers Like the Wolfcraft universal angle and I had already thought about this to grow. The little review is pretty convincing. My rather cheap variants are not necessarily the Bringer and belong in the crafting drawer.


The beer bottle lamp

Although I'm not a beer drinker, but the beer bottle from the Hoizbastla is really the blast. On the one hand, many different works are combined and on the other, it is simply a great idea. You must necessarily look at them.


Build a longboard

Who does not need a longboard? I! Maybe I could not write with a few broken bones. ? But no matter, this is about the project of DIY Volutionwhich is really interesting and could be of help to many. Anyone interested in the longboard or ribbed press is in good hands here.


I would like to say goodbye for today and look forward to more great projects from you. Today I was allowed to add a few more blogs in my "read list" and hope there are more to come. So always with your projects.

Your Ricc

PS: On the cover picture you can see a part of my self-built football throne.

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