Blogrundschau Holz Technik 26/2015

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Blogrundschau Holz Technik 26/2015: blogrundschau

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How was your weekend? I hope you have used it properly, because the next week will hardly spend one's time in the workshop. Over 30° have been announced and even I will get into the pool. At least I think so.

At the weekend, I happened to discover something new. Whether it will be interesting, I can not say yet and I will certainly not buy it to find out. Vorwerk brings under the name Twercs (you are allowed to google) out a tool or craft kit. This consists of a stapler, a cordless screwdriver, a jigsaw and a hot glue gun. All as cordless tools with built-in battery and in a system case. The novelty is the charging function.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 26/2015: holz

new craft kit from Vorwerk

Even if I do not necessarily consider it as innovative, the idea is not bad. I've already implemented similar for my Akkurenner similar. For this purpose, all devices in the case are placed in their own place and can be charged simultaneously via a power connection. Sounds good, but has its own Vorwerk price of 649 €. As an introductory price! Where the price sets later remains to be seen. I'm really curious if the rather expensive but very good looking set will find its marketplace. Unfortunately, nothing is yet to be found about the technical data, but it is likely to follow soon. I could almost burn my mouth and... Let's put it this way, I do not think that the devices will find great performance in the home improvement sector. But that remains to be seen and maybe I'm completely wrong. I will definitely watch it and get in touch again. But now to my actual Blozenschau.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Wireless Charger for your smartphone

More innovative than a charging case for several devices, I think so the wireless charger system, which is now also in the home improvement sector. Dracarys has his own ideas and built a charging system with little refinements for his smartphone. Looks good and is certainly absolutely practical. As usual with him, there is also a small video on it, which demonstrates the function well.


Annual meeting of woodworkers

Even though I was not there (thanks for the personal invitation), because it is a little further way for me, of course I would like to the contribution of Holzwerkstatt Blog refer. The round looks really great and it was certainly interesting. Next time, I'll probably get better prepared and plan the ride. After all, I have never eaten or fried white sausage.


Small side table with drawer

Wood and glue logs in with a wood project. Planned and already started, was a small table with drawer. The implementation of the push-to-open function for the drawer will certainly be interesting. I like such little gadgets that give something special to a normal project.


Kitchen worktop and sockets

Socket holes for 600 €? Sounds funny, but it is. At least if you want to use a natural stone worktop. Wood and metal was therefore facing a problem, which he could, however, handle. A good solution to bring in the kitchen technology and especially music. A little tip from my part: I use in the bathroom a rear wall radio with radio remote control, which can even be located in the next room and it is only the remote control needed.


Terrace table part 5

So dear Blogger, do you have to remind me again and again that I still lack so many skills in woodworking? Alone the table top shown Micha's wood blog is the hammer and a demonstration of proper craftsmanship. I admit that I am jealous. And how do you say so beautifully: "You have to earn envy." He is definitely.


Unique flower shelf

For the next amount we change the language, but the text is probably not necessary. It's about the idea of Shanty 2 Chic and I think that's awesome. Slanting flowerpots diagonally to the wall has something. Only when casting must be paid attention. That's why succulents were probably used. Attention: Pocket Holes.


With that I want to close today and express a small request: Although my blog list is mighty long, there are also many blogs that fall asleep. This is of course a pity and makes it difficult to make the contributions as varied as possible. So let me know if you know other interesting blogs.

Incidentally, you can still see a little weekend work from me on the cover picture today. Thus, the monitor cables are laid properly and I have easily accessible USB ports for my computer, which is under the workbench in the closet.

I wish you a great warm week and we read each other. ?

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