Blogrundschau Holz Technik 29/2015

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Blogrundschau Holz Technik 29/2015: 2015

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I just noticed in the title production that we are already in the 29th week. Then it's already time for Christmas. I think the decoration is already planned in the shopping centers. With you too?

I put this a little before me and deal with smaller projects, such as my current LED lighting. Granted, that has been going on for a long time and somehow it will not be finished. The soldering work with the endlessly small cables is also not really fun and I push it a little before me. Nevertheless, the first result looks quite good and should be an incentive for me to get really excited.

After the last soldering work, two of the (currently) four LED fields are now connected. Now you also slowly realize that they do not blink aimlessly, but together give a symmetrical picture. Since the initial idea was a traffic light for the children, I also programmed the color change. Music control and traffic lights can be seen in the video. The program is now running even faster and the red or green phases will be extended later of course. The foil over the LEDs improves the color pickup, but the yellow is still poorly absorbed.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Dracarys moves

My first link today is neither a project nor a tool test. No, only a small blog is moving and I do not want it to lose readers. Dracarys is not a prolific writer and maybe not the typical blogger, but I think the projects are simply classy. They are as ingenious as they are crazy and are absolutely my taste. So watch out and save the new link. Old Blog - New Blog:


Drawer construction with special mechanism

I had already reported it and am pleased that it was at Wood and glue continues. I like the opening mechanism and I will definitely use it for a next project. It's great when cabinets have no handles. "Push to open" is the magic word.


Shower room with solar shower

Ui, there's a bit of envy now. Wood and metal has created an outdoor shower area and makes the right time. Absolutely great, I find the idea with the drain under gravel. So there is no typical shower area and everything looks very natural. I like the idea very much. However, I would have some reservations about frost in the winter, but I'll watch it.


Terrace table is ready

Great. Not only that he is finished, I like it too. On the one hand I like the complicated construction of the table top and on the other hand the combination of different types of wood. For that I would simply lack the imagination and probably the ability. Therefore "hats off" Micha's wood blog.


Throwing game for children

And again I am surprised. I wanted to record this post, because I think it's great, if something is built for children, on closer inspection, but I noticed that there is also a sophisticated technology of cellar workers is hidden, which indicates the hits. Now I'm thrilled twice.


Terrace cover Part 3

And another "Ui" today. So builds a woodworm so a patio roofing. That's huge, what Woodworm Tom there has been a problem. It shows just the technical competence and I think about the durability no one has to worry. A great job.


Turned toilet column

Today everyone wants to miss me big eyes. The next hammer project comes from Hoizbastla and shows next to a brilliant idea, above all a first-class implementation. Ideas need humans... and a lathe. You can hardly describe the project, you have to look at it.


That's enough for today, I'll go inside and think about what I can do great. If I can keep up with some projects here at all. Today we have found really great things.

Your Ricc

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