Blogrundschau Holz Technik 3/2015

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 3/2015: technik

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Good morning reader of the Blogrundschau!

How was your weekend? I have managed a lot again, which I'll briefly introduce to you in another post. In addition to new light switches in the living room, I finally finished my desk boxes (cover picture), laid the cables at my desk in cable ducts and relocated around the door and disassembled my old computer desk to build a new much smaller. As I also follow some blogs on Facebook and Google, I know that others were diligent. Let yourself be surprised.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

project previews

On Sandro's craft blog something is stirring again. Apparently, he was more practically active and now should follow the written ideas. In his current contribution he gives an insight into his projects and I am especially looking forward to the presentation of the clock.

Horizontal drilling with the drill stand

Oh yes, that's a possibility that I still lack and that I can not implement with my bench drill. Maybe I should get myself a drill stand again. Absolutely top notch, the video is on Ernst's home improvement blog - you should definitely take a look. In addition to the actual project, you will also find some good idea. I take the boring depth stop with me.

Construction of a Moxon Vise (attachment tongs)

It goes straight to the next great and most practical project. Woodcraft shows in a very detailed article the construction of his mobile pliers. So another post that I would like to implement as well.

Cot Part 1

On Basti's wood page Continue with a cot made of beech and walnut. The first part gives an insight into the planning and the production of the head and foot part. I am always fascinated by the use of wooden planks. Unfortunately, I miss the opportunity to plan and so I mainly resort to glulam from the hardware store.

... and I have to think around the corner too

If on the way on the way because not on the way is on the way. Since he designs a great idea to connect two cabinets corner and discards them right back. I can not understand. I think the curved shape is absolutely great. Take a look and decide for yourself. Well with the Wollmaus-Tummel-Platz course he is right.

Project presentation tray tray

And another great wood project. With a lot of effort and a great description you look up Micha's wood blog the construction of a tray tray. At the same time he tries to live without a table saw. It is hard to imagine, because it is very practical. I do not want to miss mine.

So I found really great wood projects today and possibly created one or the other suggestion. It worked for me and I'm looking forward to completing my computer desk.

Greeting Ricc

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