Blogrundschau Wood Technique 37/2014

Blogrundschau Wood Technique 37/2014: blogrundschau

my blouse show

This weekend I was even active again and did a lot. The old shower in the bathroom from the party room was removed last week and the hole in the ground was concreted. Now the washing machine and the dryer could move into their place. But as the dryer gives off a lot of warm air, which I can really use in my workshop, especially in winter, I first had to make a bigger hole in the wall and rebuild the wall cladding. Stand on all fours.... I actually had sore muscles yesterday. You will not get any younger.

Blouse show wood technique

Stool - Part 2

As I have shown Part 1, I would now like to refer to the completion. But it is always worthwhile in the Holzwerkstatt Blog to see over. It is not only fascinating how all kinds of wood joints are used, but also how perfectly they are presented and illustrated. Because you could really do an online education.

1 day, 1 project - a very hot box

With sanding and painting.... Whether everyone can do it in one day? You are welcome to join I am a home improvement Test and follow the instructions. Quite simple in the replica and yet very decorative,

Firewood shelter part 7 - integrated garbage bin

Ui, there was Operation home but hardworking and has almost built a small "home". Entirely in wood with a self-made sliding door with inliner rollers. These are the real handy home improvement. At the bottom of the post you will find the links to the other six construction sections.

Damming, dam, dam... Part 1

Genial, I love such recordings and troubleshooting. At some point I have to borrow a thermal imaging camera and check our house. I immediately built with styrofoam stones and should actually have a perfect insulation. Should! I would like to test that and how Wood and metal get to the bottom of things.

Measuring tools and marking aids - Part 2: Angle

I was looking forward to the posts and I'm thrilled. One can at the sight of the whole different angles, which on Micah Wood Blog be described, almost become jealous. But it's also a big help for me. In peace I can look at all the angles and decide on the great description, what I really need.

Wood joints IV: Flat dowels and a router

love cosmonaut, I have to apologize to you. For my Blogrundschau I have created two lists. On the one hand the craft and garden blogs and on the other the wood and technology blogs. So far, your blog was with the hobbyists, but never really fit. As a result, I have certainly slipped some good reviews in the review by the fingers. Your current contributions to wood connections are clearly in here and should be shown.

That was her again my blouse show. We read Sunday to the next or already before with another contribution again. Until then, I wish a good start to the week.

Greeting Ricc

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