Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut

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Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: hedge

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It's time again for a new blouse show and an insight into my craft activities. Craft activities…. Well, that's not what happened. A big job was my hedge. I am an avowed hedge-cut avoider. Of gardening I am generally not a fan, but mow the lawn and things are quite ok. Only the hedge is not my thing. Also, the purchase of a cordless hedge trimmer, which should change everything, has brought nothing. I do not like it and avoid it for as long as possible. The last few times I've obviously done so well that my hedge has reached a stately height of about 3 m. Actually it was about 2 meters. I always said "It only has a maximum of 2.5 m." But somehow nobody wanted to believe me anymore.

Now I've picked myself up and decided to make a radical cut. Since I think in practice and such opportunities do not arise so often, I have connected the work with a product test and organized for this purpose a slightly larger model of a garden shredder. With the huge pile of hedge trimming, one of my best ideas and the tested device from Denqbar should not have been smaller. But more on that later in my review.

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: show

Time for a hedgecut

The hedge trimming itself lasted a little over a day. The side surfaces are not a problem and done quickly, but the height.... Here, the hedge trimmer is only partially helpful and a chainsaw (I do not own) would have been the better choice. There were too many thick branches, with which the hedge trimmer was simply overloaded. Here was the saber saw ran. Although I can also fall back on a cordless device, but even that is difficult on the outstretched arm. Then the fidgeting of the saw, standing on the ladder.... I was wide the next day and had sore muscles. Although I still have some shredded chopping in front of me, but the hedge actually measures only 2.3 m.

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: show

Garden shredder in the test

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: september

First page done

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: extreme

Only from the outside

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: hedge

That is fun

As a further work my wife's bike came along. Somewhat old and partially no longer fully functional, it needs a thorough renovation including a new paint job. For this it is already completely disassembled, the frame ground and needed spare parts are ordered.

Here are some impressions of the state of the bike. However, I did not take a photo of the crumpled twist grip circuit:

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: blouse

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: hedge

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: show

Blouse show September and my hedge extreme cut: show

Of course, the complete revision will be published later in an extra blog post. But now first to my Blogrundschau.

Blouse show September

Bar stool - the finale

I like the wood workshop blog. If you need a bar stool, you can build it quite easily. A wooden plate as a seat, three or four feet and possibly a few crossbars for stabilization. Screw everything or glue and the bar stool is ready. Not so Holzwerkstatt Blog, But the attachment of the seat is again an example of an alternative and technically well implemented attachment option that is not visible from above and yet not glued. Even with simple-sounding projects you can find such refinements. I like that.

5th part - final

Pallet recycling - timber from overseas

Pallet furniture has many friends and many enemies, they are not really my taste. Watch and admire the work - yes, but they will not come to me in the house. Nevertheless, it makes sense to think about the safe usable wood. So it has Wood & glue made and explains what to look for here. Do not worry, it's all about the wood as a raw material and not about pallet furniture.

Pallet recycling - wooden pallets from overseas

Install wood gasifier boiler yourself

Crafting is about wood and metal. Real men and do-it-yourselfers do everything themselves and do not shy away from big projects. Such a wood gasification boiler is one of our lightest exercises. ? Incidentally, I also built my own heat pump and installed it. If you like to look at things like that and maybe get one or the other tip, take a look Wood and metal purely.


Smarthome self-built - That's my plan

Yes, that's an issue that will surely hit many fans. Even with me, a PC controls the shutters after sunrise and sunset times, which is up to now, however, my only contribution to the smart home control. Unfortunately, "normal" PCs eat a lot of power and the conversion to a Raspberry Pi is already on the plan for a long time. A similar and especially larger project pursued Operation home and I'm looking forward to the implementation. Eventually, I will finally catch me up.

Smarthome self-built - That's my plan

Garden gates with archways

Hot. I'm sorry, but I can not think of anything else. The project presentation on Micha's wood blog shows me one thing above all - the combination of concrete, steel and woodwork would not be a big task for me, but it also requires an enormous amount of creativity and imagination. Who comes up with the idea to divide side trellises and provide them with slats of different lengths? Sometimes it's such small things that make a finished project work properly. That is certainly not everyone. I take off my hat.


Concrete lamp without dust and dirt

Juhu, concrete design - I think it's great. But how is that supposed to work without dust? Unfortunately, only if there are no real concrete projects. On Wendy's living room is such a piece to see and I have to admit that my first thought was the weight of the concrete lamp. Yes, I actually thought it was concrete. From a point of view, without concrete, that's a great thing.

Ikea Melody Hack: Make concrete lamp with concrete effect paste yourself

So I close my Blozenschau and wish you all a great weekend. Unfortunately, the weather does not look that great and maybe this will give rise to many new projects in the local workshop, which I can show in my next blog show. If you have suggestions for the blouse show, feel free to contact me.

Greeting Ricc

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