Blogrundschau Wood Technique 13/2015

Blogrundschau Wood Technique 13/2015: blogrundschau

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Good Morning,

How about you, did you miss the lesson in home improvement? I'm actually always missing her sleep. Even if we put the time back an hour back. It's funny. Nevertheless, I was active again on the weekend and have my workshop vacuum cleaner installed in the trolley of my table saw. Again a part that needs less space in my workshop. I will introduce you to my work later this week. Now let's look at what the other bloggers built, sawed and planed.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Nutcracker Version 2.0

Are these nutcrackers or are they the nutcracker? Also shows in mass production Holzwerkstatt Blog Perfection down to the last detail. I think I would be too impatient and would want to cope too quickly. Therefore, beware of the effort and thank you for the always very detailed insights into your craftsmanship.


Install the pre-construction roller shutter on the insulation

After the DIY Work Blog the insulation is done, it goes to the finish. These include the roller shutters, which must be mounted on the insulation. An interesting topic and above all a good guide, which is also interesting for me, since I built with Styrofoam stones and thus have 12 cm of polystyrene on the concrete wall.


Storage for eccentric grinder grinding wheels

"In my sandpaper box everything is basically there, you just have to find it." Who does not know that? This brings us to the next perfect guide. Operation home creates order and overview with a Schlaifpapierständer. Practical, clear and easy to build.


Side table with stone top - part 5

Micha's wood blog makes it exciting to the finished presentation of his table. Although I would call it after the state now rather than designer piece. The tabletop mount is awesome.


Mounting aid for right angles

Yes, that was once again a clear scolding for me. Already planned so long, absolutely needed and what do I do? I buy with disposable angle clamps, with which you can clamp two boards at any angle, but no right one. So dear Ricc, definitely watch and finally build. Thank you Ernst's home improvement blog.


Installation of the Inset Vise

Honestly? I have (had) no idea what that is. But now I'm smarter and a little bit excited. I like this clamping device and would certainly do well in my workbench. Great idea and explanation of Wood borers.


7 reasons why you should buy a raspberry Pi

Since I am now actively involved myself, I would like to focus a little more on my title "Blogrundschau Wood and Technology" and write more contributions to it. I would like to start today with an interesting blog post by Jan Karreswho wants to make us feel more like the Pi.


So I say goodbye for today and wish you a great start in a short week.

Greeting Ricc

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