Blogrundschau Holz Technik 15/2015

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 15/2015: technik

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Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

It is Monday and a new work week has begun. For a change once again with a full five working days. Do not worry, we can do it. ? Unfortunately, I did not do so much this weekend. Saturday I finally cut my hedge again (a horror for me) and afterwards built a small pedestal at the entrance of the playhouse, so that the children get out easier with their cars and come in. Nothing big and no high-quality work, for which an extra contribution would be worthwhile. On the cover picture for her very pictures of the construction of the playhouse. An older project, which has paid off to this day.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Information mirror and wireless charging station

Behind the Dracarys Blog already sits a little freak, but I think the projects just awesome. The mirror shown with information displayed is in any case also still on the plan. If you go back a few contributions, you will find more detailed information.


Dado Joint and Rabbet Joint

Of course you can not smoke these. These are American names for wood joints, which I also like to use. The Alwaysworkingman I would like to try that as well and demonstrate his experimental object. At least I have learned that I should strive for a milling machine with a guide rail. Aligning with a straight edge as a stop is very cumbersome.


Build flower boxes from wood yourself

I'm excited. Not necessarily because of the instructions - which is very good, by the way - no, it's the idea. Hardly anything is more robust than mortar barrels, so they find the perfect use here. A great idea and first class implementation of Operations Ownership.


Underbed dresser in 45 minutes

"I shut the door and had it in my hand..." Maybe you should have taken you 60 minutes. No matter, it's a great job from cellar workers and shows that one builds sometimes too massive (me at least). Plywood - glued and nailed keeps neat and often enough. If you're not boring too close to the edge. But such details have to be shown as well, after all we all want to learn something.


Lamp made of copper tube

Horny, cool, horny.... May I say that? Anyway, I think they are absolutely great. Already have often mentioned that I like the work with copper pipe and the cosmonaut puts it in the perfect light. That's my inspiration for today.


Construction of a tablet tripod as a scan aid

The title made me curious and I took a closer look at the article. Although I do not read and will never implement this project, I still find it very interesting. Just this Mööp hint from Woodcraft I know only too well through my construction of children's furniture. Therefore, the note: Here help the router table with a stop which is aligned exactly to the stop ring. Then a two-sided rounding is possible.


So my little review is over and I hope we have learned something again or have been inspired. In any case, I will also build a copper tube lamp. Is promised.

Greeting Ricc

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