Blogrundschau Holz Technik 16/2015

Hello dear readers of the Blouseschau,

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 16/2015: holz

Ricc - I blog for you

After a nice weekend follows a nice Monday. I sit at my desk in front of the balcony door and the sun bobs me powerfully on my feet. That's how it can be endured.

As mentioned yesterday in the craft magazine, I was home-style lazy at the weekend and did not do anything special. But do you always have to? For this we have certainly grilled the 10th time this year. Who invented this un-word? Angrillen? What is that? Of course I can turn on my grill. "Hi hot grill, how are you?" Only I see little sense in it. Does that mean that you grill the first time in the new year? That's quite possible, but the term should be forgotten for this year. We finally have April and January is long gone. Or should there really be people who have not grilled this year? Unimaginable but somehow unbelievable. That can not be. What do you all mean?

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Wallboard with heart

Little pleasures quickly made. The new project falls under this category Sando's craft blog. Three boards, some sawing work, screws, paint and finished is an individual board.


Rotatable counter

Brand new DIYvolution the honor and presents the first projects. With a rotatable counter. No big project description but an interesting explanation of how easy it is to implement such projects. Look and find ideas for your own projects.


Just hang out a bit

A funny title, as we like it dannwollenwirmal familiar with. But we are also used to a perfect description of the work. So here we can learn something to hang a blanket.


Coffee table or bench

This is again about the water and an interesting piece of furniture from Shanty 2 Chic, Pretty easy to build and yet this narrow long table has something. Above all, of course for Shabby friends a feast for the eyes. The effect is very well done.


Heavy duty shelf 2.0

Ernst's home improvement blog looks a bit different than most. Very clear and with many pictures that are only briefly explained. So facts count here! Nevertheless, of course, everything is understandable (a picture says more than...) and really great, you get the blueprint as SketchUp file with the same. That's really something, right?


Designer lamp in own direction

I remember an older lamp post "Is this art or can it go away?". ? The question must be the Hoizbastla do not ask today. I would say that is a lamp that was well worth the effort. By now he has the in-laws on his side.


I wish you a great and especially sunny start of the week, I will try to share my time a little better and maybe then I can shine again with a project.

Until then,
Your Ricc

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