Blogrundschau wood technique 17/2015

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Blogrundschau wood technique 17/2015: time

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It's Monday and time for my Blozenschau. This weekend I can also book a little work again. In our sink cabinet in the kitchen store the potatoes down and I displeased for a long time that the dirt and sometimes a potato falls out of the net. So it has to be a small box. In addition, there are also new cleaning and washing-up rags and other accessories, which can neither be stacked nor otherwise properly sorted. So two boxes.... At the weekend, I built it out of residual wood and built it in the workshop for a bit more order. More about the construction comes the week as an extra contribution.

Blogrundschau wood technique 17/2015: wood

Cutting - partly from old shelves

Blogrundschau wood technique 17/2015: time

Trial setup with the cut

Blogrundschau wood technique 17/2015: 2015

finished boxes (rolls are still missing)

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Barbecue in "Shaker Style"

Yes, it's been a while since Alwaysworkingman started with this project. But of course we do not want to complain (I prefer to grill with coal anyway). ? The final result is decisive and this can truly be seen. Quite logically, it Weber (t) of course.


From the workshop to the leisure room....

As in our community, keeps us DIY Work Blog up to date with current status reports. To get an overview of the scope of the work, you should look at more than just the current contribution. With many small and large works, here is rehabilitated, repaired and made beautiful. I'm looking forward to the finished result.


Famag wood spiral drill in the test

Actually, I prefer to show projects and not sponsored posts, but in the case of Basti's wood page I have to make an exception. He has tested a wood drill set from Famag and the pictures even convince my critical eyes test. That's what I call exact holes.


Cutting board test run

I wanted to build one for a long time and I wanted to use my saws for "milling" for a long time. Therefore I find the contribution of DIY DIY very interesting and stimulating. In the near future I will do some groove work and this time I will take my table saw.


Workshop cabinet for abrasives

Order has to be - that's fact. At least for me and obviously also for Woodworm Tom, He has built a perfect cabinet to store his abrasives. Class I find the details and the miter-gluing instructions. I'll remember that for sure and implement it on occasion.


Small boxes with sight glass

The Hoizbastla works on behalf of and creates small showcases for baby gypsum hand models. Dear, does not show that to your wife, otherwise the next weekend is guaranteed fully booked and you are allowed to make plaster models and then build showcases. I find interesting just the grooves. Just mentioned and here comes the table saw used.


So I finish today my review and hope you have found something interesting. I would like to expand my field of vision and if you know great blogs that should definitely be called, get in touch with me.

I wish you a nice start of the week
Greeting Ricc

PS: The grill on the cover picture is mine by the way, is completely made of stainless steel and has a grill area of ​​0,5m². Must be worthwhile. ?

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