Blogrundschau Holz Technik 19/2015

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Blogrundschau Holz Technik 19/2015: blogrundschau

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The day before yesterday the Jugendweihling were in the foreground, yesterday the mothers and on Thursday we men are off. In theory, the Jugendweihling should now celebrate right again, right? But I think, a part will still be under the status "Never again alcohol...". ?

We use the men's, men's or whatever day, as a leisurely day with family and friends. For lunch and dinner is grilled and of course there is also a small drink. So small taunts to the women "Today is man's day, you have to serve me." Of course, but it is actually a day for all and friends are of course with a wife and children.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Table top and gratings

I have to admit that I follow the steps and plans of the Holzwerkstatt Blog can not always follow. I probably miss the special training. Nevertheless, I always find it interesting how the projects are implemented and above all documented. Every bet that the dining room table is again an ingenious project.


We need a lawn

The recreation room of DIY Work Blog It's almost done and now it's gardening. It will certainly be close to the men's day with the new playing lawn, but at the latest next year we can meet for a barbecue. The 10t topsoil are already distributed.


Magnetic bottle opener

Yes, a men's day project. Order must be natural and to avoid lying around bottle caps has become Operation home built a magnetic catcher to his fixed bottle opener. That's just cool and of course it's just the order. No one should be animated here so open more bottles.


Lay paving stones - Part 1

at Wood and metal it's about stone today. Actually logical, right? Decisive in such work, of course, the preparations, which is shown us very well here. Professional is rolled and leveled. There you are all the more curious about the result.


Magnetic key board

Once again we have magnets in the project - also a men's day project? Well, some people find it difficult to hit the small hooks on the keyboard on Thursday night. ? We want the thought Wood Projects Blogspot but do not subordinate. The solution is awesome and a little miracle.


Friendship Bank

A small headline for a great work. This birthday present from cellar workers has really become great and shows great skills. May the friendship last as long as this bank of Douglas fir.


Hanging gardens

A weird but very interesting idea for planting shows us DIY-volution, That would be the perfect solution for my wife. This would not make our plants grow so crispy. But I do not want to reveal too much, you should just take a look at the project.


So I have one thing found today: There were significantly more contributions to Mother's Day yesterday, as today for the men's day. Where is equality? We men are always back somehow. That can not stay that way. Men unite... No, that sounds weird. We prefer to leave everything as it is.

Have a nice start into the week
Greeting Ricc

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