Blogrundschau Holz Technik 21/2015

Hello readers of the Blouseschau,

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 21/2015: holz

Ricc - I blog for you

the long weekend is over so that everyday life begins again. As shown in the Bastel-Blogrundschau, I was quite productive and screwed on the two children's cars and painted. On Sunday was still the car of the greats and there were also the first parts painted. I dedicated the Sunday to my workshop. Although I already have a small 5.1 system there, the sound did not really inspire me. For more brilliant heights, I have set additional tweeters in my wall cladding. Now we come a little closer to the matter. At some point my second "living room" is finished. ?

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Fix lousy wooden windows

Be it the natural raw material value, the right look or simply the cost factor - even today, wooden windows remain the trend. Due to age, however, these may require repair as well as care. On Do it Yourself you will find a very successful manual now. Take a look and maybe you will take on a long planned work.


Building a Worbench - long-term experience

Test reports, experiences, own use cases... I find this always very interesting. Advertisements and product descriptions look great, but are not against reports from your own application. Therefore, the review of Wood & Glue on his self-built workbench a great reading material.


Hose couplings and the French Cleat System

Well, what is sorted here is actually secondary. I'm once again about the French Cleat System. I think that's just awesome and Operation home shows how versatile it can be used. And if only to put storage boxes on the wall. My workbench has now finally a massive back wall and I can think of the mission.


Children's room shelf 2008 - 2015

So another review. Only this time it is less about experiences, but about the development of the ways of using the household of News from the workshop, But just these examples show how versatile this design can be used. I like the CD version, but I could imagine the shelf well in the workshop. This is worth a replica.


XL Birthday Calendar

Is that tinkering or DIY? I call it creative home improvement. In any case, I like the big calendar of home-Elich, After all, I am also such a pecker and I like to forget about any kind of celebration. Therefore, rather build a big calendar and put somewhere in the way that he can not be overlooked. Well done!


Aquarium Puzzle

The contribution is intended as a suggestion. Since big projects are planned and implemented, it would be so easy to do something fast for the little ones. So stop such puzzles. As seen on Emil's wooden blog, they are quite simply made (if you do not mess up) and bring some color and play into the nursery.


Blogrundschau Holz Technik 21/2015: technik

I would like to say goodbye for today and wish you a pleasant start of the week. The week is not so long and soon it's back to the workshop. For my cordless screwdriver came already the message that my orders have been sent and thus should the new leather and the lighting arrive in time. I look forward to it. Right in the picture you can already see the new color of the second racer. Blue-lia, the wish of my big daughter.

Greeting Ricc

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