Blogrundschau Holz Technik 25/2015

Good morning your home improvement and hobbyist,

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 25/2015: holz

Ricc - I blog for you

a new week has begun and most will have survived the first Monday morning low and hope for Friday. Well, let's not overdo it. ?

Today would like to report again of a small weekend project, but there is none. My Friday and Saturday work, I have already presented in the craft show yesterday and Sunday was unfortunately nothing new. After I connected my Raspberry Pi again Friday and tried Minecraft, shared gaming with my daughter was announced. She plays something similar on the smartphone and was quite pleased. Must be, after all. I hope that the strike of the post office is soon over and my required parts come, then I can continue to build on my light control and traffic lights. That's how long I look at what the other bloggers have done.

Blogrundschau wood and technology

Repair the dishwasher yourself

In principle, I am not a friend of it to show instructions how to screw on electrical equipment. But this is about the drainage and the hint of danger is not missing. Since it is quite interesting to see how many works and looks from the inside. Therefore, you are welcome to take a look in the dishwasher Operation home toss.


Patio table part 4

I always find it great to pursue such projects and I am glad when there are new reports. Better than any daily soap opera. ? Which of course I wake up Micha's wood blog In the eye, the connection is via pocket holes. So it is spreading more and more and my Undercover Jig will surely be used more often.


T-bracket connection - how does it work?

My first question was: What is it? But good that we On the way on the way to have. Here the thing gets to the bottom and the production is shown. I'm always a little skeptical when the safety precautions of the table saw are removed, but well, how else should you groove and since I currently have no Milling Table, I have to deal with it.


Garden loungers in own construction

Well, if you look at the post of Shanty 2 Chic does not feel like replicating. Super described and with a construction manual as PDF the construction of the garden loungers is shown. What do I have to see? Pocket Holes! They are just unstoppable. Is also easier than dowels and another way of attachment I would not know in this case.


Device for separating logs

Now it gets fat. I am happy when I edit a wooden disc. On Basti's wood page It looks a little different and he saws whole tree trunks lengthwise. The device for it has been created in-house and looks well considered.


The multifunctional beer opener

Without such projects, a DIY experience would be absolutely uninteresting, or what do you think? The Hoizbastla introduces its all-rounder, which is not just for opening beer bottles. The whole Drechselarbeit you are allowed to watch you in a video.


And now we all test the multifunctional beer opener and move towards the weekend. ? I know, would be nice. But we have some work left till then.

In this sense, I wish a successful week and do not exaggerate it, so that you are fit for the workshop on the weekend.

Greeting Ricc

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