Blogrundschau Holz Technik 27/2015

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Blogrundschau Holz Technik 27/2015: great

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was that a great week and a great weekend? No matter if many sweat and moan, I like the great summer weather. The disadvantage is unfortunately always these final thunderstorms, which are unfortunately not everywhere blessedly expired. We were lucky and except for some wind and a nice rain we did not get anything. It was perfect for us. Until the evening our pool was rarely unvisited and before it went to bed rest, the rain made for a pleasant cooling.

However, the home improvement sector remained a bit on the track. As beautiful as the weather was, you do not want to overdo it with exercise or work. So yesterday my workshop activity was limited to boring a coconut. The sweat break in this activity was fortunately limited. ? On Friday I was at my elementary school graduation party and the organization was a perfect fit. The event took place in an outdoor swimming pool with a final overnight stay in the tent. Although I have the night (and the whole Saturday) tormented by summer flu symptoms, but it was still great and meanwhile I'm back heal. Here is a small impression I have the morning walk (at 6:00 clock) held at the outdoor pool.

Blogrundschau Holz Technik 27/2015: great


Blogrundschau wood and technology

Attach cable

Wood and metal I would like to go upstairs and need a cable from the garage to the loft. Of course, the way up is not easy and often rocky. An interesting documentation of the construction project.


Cork Wall

After a long break, logs Tobi's Holzjournal back and delivers a great project presentation of a powerful big pin board. Class described you can already see the report as a construction manual. I'm looking forward to more great posts.


LED lamp from breakfast board

Gingered Things is otherwise more in the craft and DIY Rundschau to find, but here wood and light was processed, today in the Blogrundschau wood and technology. With quite simple means an interesting LED picture was created here. Is very suitable for own creative implementations.


On the shoes, get set, go

The own vice need not know all. Where the vice "shoes" in women is hard to hide. Dominik's wood blog has still missed his shoe cabinets doors. Attention is here on the "handles", which I really liked.


Racing car as a scroll saw work

Scroll saws are absolutely in vogue and I use my every now and then. Anyone who deals with the topic and is looking for something on the net will find great saw templates. This results in beautiful pictures or really sophisticated constructions. On Emil's wood blog you can currently accompany the construction of a race car.


Garden rocking bench

Especially up to date, comfortable garden furniture is the absolute bestseller and if they then expand the woman's favorite spot, he does Holzbohrer all right. The result is really impressive and is not that complicated. I wish nice swings.


With this I would like to dismiss you for the working week and wish you much success. The first highlight is certainly the end of the post-strike. A nice Ebay seller was in my case but so good and has sent a previously not arrived order via Hermes again. So my lighting project can finally go to the next round. Thats something.

Greeting Ricc

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